We Support Creativity

The Furry Raiders is a proponent of creativity and freedom of expression.

Adventure Awaits

The world is a big place, from events that cater for furries and the adventures that we create on our own. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and leave your imprint on the world!

2019 Under The Rainbow Bridge

Sin City & Lake Powell, UT

2019 Anthrocon

Pittsburgh, PA

2019 Furry Down Under - Back to the Beach

Surfers Paradise, Australia

2019 Ironfest - Like Being In A Fantasy

Lithgow, Australia

2018 FurJAM - Raider Harbour

Sydney, Australia

2018 The Lonely Range

Telluride, CO

2018 Raider Winter Fest

Breckenridge & Glenwood Springs Colorado

2017 BLFC - Raider Monsters

Reno, NV

2016 RMFC - Raider Sky B Movie

Denver, CO

2016 ESG - High Roller Raiders

Las Vegas, NV

2016 Zootopia Furry Screening

Denver, CO