Why Join the Furry Raiders?

The Furry Raiders is a furry group unlike any other. With us, you will have every opportunity to express yourself freely, as you are, no matter what type of fursona you have. Regardless of your personal interests or your passions, whether it be illustration, writing, gaming, fursuiting or otherwise, we will support you as you feel right at home.

Perhaps you're after some new furry friends to connect, socialise and game with, or a sliver of perspective that no other furry group will ever share with you. Don't worry, we've got plenty of that in spades.

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Where Can You Find Us?

The Furry Raiders hosts our presence on the following social platforms below:


Our main chat hub where all the Raiders come to connect


Grab a seat, some furry friends to chat with, your favourite game and get playing!

Second Life

Where the Raiders Began, and not just on the Virtual World.


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