Our Mission

Our Mission statement is clear: We are committed to upholding the values of free expression within the furry community by providing an open and welcoming organization free of exclusion and prejudice based on race, sex, creed, gender, identity, sexual orientation or political affiliation. Our aim is to further establish our presence across multiple venues and platforms in order achieve this goal. Such an undertaking can be realized within our local communities by forging lasting and meaningful connections with other furries at Furry conventions, furmeets and gatherings as well as on social media and messaging clients online. We feel that this endeavor will help foster an atmosphere of understanding and therefore build a stronger community by uniting furries of all persuasions that have been seeking new and novel ways to express themselves, sharing their talents and creative efforts publicly without fear of censorship or limitations impeding their pursuit of happiness.

Facets of the Furry Raiders

Established in 2007, Furry Raiders first began as a small group on Second Life; a popular virtual reality social media platform. Since then, our membership has grown considerably, reaching many furries in many nations across the globe and always welcoming new members into our ranks. Our reach on social platforms has also expanded, furthering this growth. In 2016, the Furry Raiders emerged once more, but this time, it would be different. The Furry Raiders took our first steps into the physical world, outside the bubble of the internet. With our signature icon on our sleeves, we made our presence known in events for furries, for special interest communities and those of our own design.

Where to from here? Only time will tell. The Furry Raiders will carve out the next pages of our history.

The Furry Raiders strongly encourage diversity of thought and opinion, a commodity fast becoming scarce in this day and age. We believe in maintaining an open community that is free of gatekeeping from individuals who may be in positions of power within the furry fandom and any attempts they may take to control others unless such activities in question are in conflict with state, local and federal laws. Perhaps the most important pillar of the furry community is that no one can ever prevent anyone else from being a furry. This is a principle rooted in individual liberty which we believe should be extended not just to Furry Raiders, but to all Furries. It is our will to hold up that very same pillar.

Furry Raiders are always striving to find ways to expand and overcome any obstacles or challenges that we may face in the future. It is our prerogative to continue building this community that we’ve worked so hard to maintain. We feel that generating a positive image of the Furry Fandom is a crucial part of our approach to personal growth and an integral standard when it comes to the task of attracting a wider audience that may be interested in joining the furry fandom. Wherever your interests may lie, whether it is through art, writing, music, gaming, fursuiting or dancing, we are committed to supporting you and your individual interests. Therefore we welcome you to join our community; a unique and diverse group that is founded on achieving equality of opportunity for all furries while being fair and impartial. Most importantly, it is you that matters. It is imperative that you have the personal agency to express yourself however you choose. This is what defines us and permeates the very foundation of the Furry Raiders group, holding us together as a distinct community within the greater breadth of the Furry Fandom. We will move forward relentlessly, making every effort to realize that vision.