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We've done the hard work of combing the wider news cycle and disseminating it with our crew. Now it's your turn to enjoy it!

About the Raiders Rambles

The Raiders Rambles is a furry-focused podcast dedicated to disseminating, poking fun of and being informative about various furry and non-furry events in a chaotic news and social media cycle. The stories we curate come from topics ranging from interesting, stupid, oddball and all across the spectrum. We are also obliged to keep you in the loop on furry convention ongoings from our members who attend such events, because after all, getting out there and having a blast is what we're all for! You'll also get to listen to a fabled special guest once in a while. Expect to hear lots of randomness abound.

Where to Find the Podcast

The Raiders Rambles can be found on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. Our YouTube and BitChute channels host the video version where the show goes live on air. More platforms are of course being considered both for watching live and taking episodes on the go.

Episode Scheduling

The Raiders Rambles goes live on air weekly on Friday at 7PM Eastern Standard Time, with exceptions made due to either special circumstances or the absences of our main hosts. We'll let you know when no episode is being called in.