Foxler Nightfire

Founder + CEO

Location: Colorado, USA

I've always thought of myself as a fox, running wild and living hard. I don't need to be prefect, I don't have to be beautiful, I just needed to be myself. I became what I was meant to be, I built myself a life.


Chief Media Officer

Location: Colorado, USA

I love to travel and sometimes create videos along the way. I also enjoy costuming at the club or other adult events.

Jolt Squirrel

Chief Operations Officer

Location: New South Wales, Australian

Very purple fluffball, merchandise printer extraordinaire and chief host of the Furry Raiders' own podcast, The Raiders Rambles. Keeping up with the craziness of today isn't easy, but somebody's gotta do it.

Terry Lionheart

Chief Design Officer


Artistic husky aspiring to get more professional with my work. I seek to maintain peace within myself and with others. Game and plushie enthusiast.


Chief Data Officer


Loves making food and driving motorcycles.


Chief Solutions Officer

Location: North Carolina

Don't really have anything for a bio...


Chief Communications Officer


Propenent of Free Speech & Liberty. Fierce defender of Liberty & your natural right to self-preservation & the right to arm yourself. My job is to manage & maintain a healthy relation between the Raiders & the Public & keep you informed on Furry Related Issues/Artists/Cons/Events/Oppertunities. I am not hesitant in meeting & talking with new people. I am a Long Finned Mako.


Chief Visionary Officer

Location: Colorado, USA

I am an all around hobbyist who is formally trained in aircraft construction, maintenance and repair and who also creates many original writings and fabricates many machines, devices or objects as featured at his favorite social media site ScorchGD at DeviantArt and who is known to be very supportive of the anthropomorphic arts enthusiast community including his assistance to many of his local enthusiast acquaintances (furs) who were simply down on their luck and needed a little assistance in terms of housing, computers, supplies, transportation and etcetera.


Chief Compliance Officer

Location: South Africa

A fun loving fluff with a heart of Silver, loves to have fun and be around the fun. Is a Black belt in Funjitsu.


Chief Administrative Officer

Location: Georgia, USA

An undead psychopath who games and watches anime, if you've got a problem then I've got a solution. "Griffith Did Nothing Wrong"-Mizu


Chief Research Officer

Location: Wales, Britain

As a member of the Raiders admin team, I’m quite passionate about keeping the fandom a place for all to enjoy, not just for people who belong to one political tribe or another. I’ve been a member of the Fandom since 2014. I studied Geology at University, as I’ve always had a keen interest in Science and Technology. I’m an avid gamer, one that doesn’t remind the world that they are a “gay furry” at every opportunity. I was quite active in the Halo community, seeing as I’m a fan of Science Fiction; at one point I became a high ranked member in one of those cringy role playing clans (I was going through a phase, so don’t judge!). I’m currently in a relationship with my beloved Talon, who I love dearly and want to spend my life with.

Skye Shepsky

Chief Diversity Officer

Location: Scotland, UK

My name is Skye Shepsky, Blue Fluff Ball, and all round cuddle enthusiast! I live in Scotland UK. I'm a freelance artist within and outside of the furry Fandom. What I love most about the raiders is their capacity of understanding, and their respect for others. This Is Our World To Be Furry.


Chief Customer Officer

Location: USA



Chief Knowledge Officer




Chief Process Officer

Location: NY, USA

The candycorn canine! I’m a traditional artist and active member of the community. I frequently attended local furmeets, and several conventions every year all, over the east coast of the USA! I am a manager of the Furry Raiders YouTube channel, and the co-host of our official podcast, The Raiders Rambles.


Chief Risk Officer



The Folfy Dragon

Chief Marketing Officer

Location: Ohio, USA

Heya! I’m The Folfy Dragon, a wolf/fox/dragon hybrid. I’ve been a furry for about 7 years. I also enjoy gaming, making music, and meeting & talking to new people! My goal as an admin of the Raiders is to help people understand what the Raiders really are, not what people assume. I’m here to keep the peace, and have a great time doin it!