Foxler Nightfire

Founder + CEO

Location: Colorado, USA

I've always thought of myself as a fox, running wild and living hard. I don't need to be perfect, I don't have to be beautiful, I just needed to be myself. I became what I was meant to be, I built myself a life.

Jolt Squirrel

Chief Operations Officer

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Very purple fluffball, super adventurous fursuiter, has a hand in almost all things Raiders and chief host of the Furry Raiders' own podcast, The Raiders Rambles.

Keeping up with the craziness of the times these days isn't easy, but somebody's gotta do it.


Chief Process Officer

Location: New York, USA

The candycorn canine! I’m a traditional artist and active member of the furry community. I frequently attend local furmeets and several furry conventions every year all over the east coast of the USA! I am a manager of the Furry Raiders YouTube channel, and the co-host of our official podcast, The Raiders Rambles.


Chief Administrative Officer

Location: Georgia, USA

An undead psychopath who games and watches anime, if you've got a problem then I've got a solution.

"Griffith Did Nothing Wrong"-Mizu


Chief Solutions Officer

Location: North Carolina, USA

Don't really have anything for a bio...

Terry Lionheart

Chief Design Officer

Location: Sweden

Artistic husky aspiring to get more professional with my work. I seek to maintain peace within myself and with others. Game and plushie enthusiast.

Noble Can

Chief Product Officer

Location: Tasmania, Australia

I have been floating about in the Raiders since the good old Second Life days


Chief Content Officer

Location: Colorado, USA


Chief Customer Officer

Location: USA



Chief Risk Officer

Location: UK



Location: Colorado, USA

Random. Cute. Gamer. Just a big wuff with a crazy streak but a good heart. Recovering Resident Evil addict.