Attended by Foxler Nightfire, Kody Wulf and numerous other ex-members.
Article edited by Jolt Squirrel


Editor's note: The events of Biggest Little Fur Con 2017 occurred before the time I signed with the Furry Raiders. Thus, I have ensured that to see the most out of this event, the story of the convention will be narrated by Foxler and my place is to provide contextual notes and supplementary information in this article to assist in understanding this story


Without further ado, the story behind the Biggest Little Fur Con 2017, a video made by Foxler himself.


Transcript below:

Hey, it's your high rolling fox, Foxler! So, let's talk about my experience at BLFC 2017 and I must say both GSR and BLFC did a great job. When it came to BLFC, their main events were epic! Having all the lights, the video, the dancing and getting up and partying every time, coordinating all the furries into one room - spectacular job. And when it came down to the panels, they were great, even though it was hard to squeeze everything in. And when you got go karts to bowling on top of that, then you can run around and fursuit, you do some silly stuff, drive around, bump around with other people. God, your day just seems like it flies.


On top of that, the GSR was really good. There were a few hiccups I must say, but resolved immediately. I love that. The rooms were clean, the staff is great and overall, I love the place. I would go back again and again and again just to have an experience of being loose, free and being like your party animal. But there is a small issue I'd like to bring up. Nothing to do with BLFC or GSR - that was flawless. But it comes out to the furry community and I did know walking into this convention there may have been problems, and I don't mind it and people have made interesting comments like in this video:


[Congoer] "You guys are having armbands. Where's security?"

[Congoer] "Hey! Is there con staff around here?"
[Congoer]"Excuse me, can you guys please stay right here and see con staff?"


Or... this one


[Captain Otter] "Get the fuck outta here, you fucking cunts! Get the fuck on outta here!"

[Raider] "We're not going anywhere"

[Captain Otter] "Fuck off!"

[Raider]"We're not going anywhere!"
[Captain Otter] "You come in the elevator again? Have fucking fun with that, you fucking moron!"

[Raider] "Back the fuck off"

[Captain Otter] "That's fine. Can you back the fuck off? We had a lot of fun yesterday, you fucking did"


You could tell that my experience was a bit different than most furries, but, you know, in the position I am, there was room for accomodation. I like to thank BLFC fo rtrying very hard to make a compromise with me and the Furry Raiders and also GSR for taking their time to making sure everybody was safe including myself and the group around me. And it was really nice to know that when the crowds got a little too big at the elevators which we all know, my gosh, those elevators need a long line, I had secondary options of means of getting to my room, including being shuttled to my vehicle. Great job, GSR. That is spot on. I love it so much and I can't even... just, fathom on how many great furries there were there as well that were friendly to me or just neutral. I was just, you know, looking for a neutral experience, you know. I didn't really care if people liked me or not, but there was a lot of people that said hi to me, hugged me, take photos with me, even so some of you furries out there took some photos for other reasons, I would say that an experience at BLFC was well-received. Regardless of the things and the, uh, regardless of the furries out there that tried to make it a horrible experience for me, I must say that the goodness in the community and the staff at BLFC and GSR made up for all of that.


Also a quick shout out to the individual that gave me these cute badge accessories. I'm glad to see there's still kindness in the fandom. Also, I'd like to thank the Furry Raiders and my mate for helping me through the tough times at this convention. I can't wait to be back in red!

End transcript.


BLFC, shorthand for Biggest Little Fur Con, is a furry convention hosted in Reno, Nevada, on June 1-4, 2017. The event took place at the Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) hotel.