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The True Effect Caused by “Social Justice Warrior” Bullying
Written by: Scorch from United States - Raiders Chief Furry Development Officer
It has come to my attention there is still a lot of disinformation regarding the true Effect that caused the destruction of the good vessel “RMFC” therefore; I bring to your attention a true fact that many are not aware of. This fact is the result of a specific Cause and the Effects of it which dramatically Effected the course of or derailed the lives of many furs including myself and numerous friends.

This fact (a $44,000 security expense) is the Actual Effect of commercial damages caused by “Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) when one group of furs did wage a war of written words against another group of furs within their own fandom. This $44,000.00 Effect was Caused by the ACTS of one group of people (furs) attempting to bully and control another group of their own people (furs) by way of their Acts of writing or forwarding many statements that created a vortex of many damaging effects.

A Crusade of Acts including but not limited to:
  • The creation of a “Petition to Boycott RMFC” based on the warrior's demand that RMFC must ban a large group of local furs which would include volunteer furs who did help run RMFC for many years to the benefit of many other furs.
  • Authoring threats of violence in writing along the context of: 'our furs should go punch other furs we hate'.
  • Contacts across state lines to the police or hotel as a “war strategy” of the warrior's crusade to impair the contract obligations between the convention venue and our fellow furs.
  • Violations of their own TOS (Twitter, Facebook, Furaffinity etc.) in pursuit of their crusade strategy which also placed many other users into defensive positions.

The resulting Effects of Commercial Injury Damages Caused by the Acts of the Social Justice Warrior Bullying Crusades:
  • Convention Venue Facility demanded that furs must provide a contingency of armed personnel at a cost of $22,040.00 for daytime security. Which of course is ironically humorous since the problem they (furs) decided to have and fight against was 'fascism'... Which has now resulted in potentially fascist activities by way of a small contingent of armed guards at a furry convention.
  • Potentially double this $22,040.00 amount for security of evening activities such as parties and dances for total damages of over $44,080.00.
  • The hotel claimed this is “non-negotiable” and furs must pay it or cancel the contract at a very late date.
  • Additional furs “jumped on the bandwagon” as the Social Justice Warrior's Crusades against furs continued to increase and spread into and across many forums to the point that many now believe the convention was being operated by a large number of “Armed, Fascist, Neo-Nazi, Pedophiles”.
  • The board of directors held a unanimous vote to cancel the event due the unprecedented levels of hate speech and threats of violence against furs, potential for injury and of course, the commercial damages of a huge financial burden well beyond the means of the company budget.
  • The true scope of these Effects Caused by SJW crusades of one group of intolerant furs against another group of furs is unknown.

The effects are continuing to date as I continue to witness how some furs are treating others in a very intolerant and uncivilized manner. Including an incident on the second week of July which resulted in a criminal complaint against the intolerant person who did physically assault a fur in his fur suit at a fur meet.


It appears these very damaging effects were caused by a propaganda or “spin” to encourage one group to write hate speech against hate speech where no such hate speech ever existed in the first place. Apparently this might all be traced back to a mere misunderstanding or simply something stupid that somebody said or wrote 12+ years ago in the PAST which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the present. Then; when they (furs) got what they asked for (destruction of their convention) they had to find other things to hate such as the people (furs) who originally created and maintained their convention for 10+ years. Me? I am still trying to find the alleged furry neo-Nazis allegedly promoting hate speech in my area. The only things I have discovered are a lot of mere assumptions, presumptions, opinions, blatant lies then a lot of Hate, Intolerance and even Dangerous, Commercially Damaging Acts Performed based on false assumptions, presumptions, opinions and blatant lies.

So do be well aware!

Want to start or run a furry convention? Then; be well aware that if you tolerate the “wrong furs” you should be well prepared for serious attacks and commercial damages possibly based in ancient war propaganda which is actually irrelevant in the present time and has absolutely nothing to do with furry fans or furs in fursuits.


When somebody decides to have a problem; do not focus on the alleged problem they are at war with but, instead; help them solve the problem they decided to have by bringing to them peaceful Opportunities for a SOLUTION versus joining their war of crusades and destruction AGAINST the problem they decided to have and fight against. I have met many persons over the years who fight AGAINST the problem they decided to have versus merely seeking Opportunities FOR Peaceful Solutions.

Here are some other true stories I have experienced in my life:

I once met a man who was very upset because he had been fighting against his problem for many years and it just seemed to him that he was fighting a losing battle. His problem: During the winter, the snow would melt off his roof and cause lots of ice and ice blockages in his down spouts and some water damages. He had been fighting against this problem for years by way of installing very expensive electric heating and defrost systems in and around his gutters and downspouts.

This was very expensive to install on his home, was high maintenance and very expensive to operate as he was effectively attempting to “heat the outdoor environment” with his large electric defrost system. Then; I merely suggested: “Stop heating the outdoors which is defrosting the snow on the roof”. He was fighting AGAINST the problem which in REALITY was: Insufficient insulation in the attic so that snow was melting off his roof even when outdoor temperatures were well below freezing because the heating system in the house was heating the attic and melting snow off the roof. The solution and OPPORTUNITY (to save energy costs and stop water damage) was to simply stop waging war by heating the outdoors, remove the war machine of his entire defrost system and simply add more insulation to the attic.

I once met a man who was very frustrated because he was piecing together a lot of different plumbing fittings to go from one size and type to another. I was actually drawn INTO his war against his problem because I failed to step back and logically realize he simply needed just ONE, single CORRECT fitting to get the job done... But, instead; I spent a lot of my own time and energy helping his fight against this problem.

I once met a man who was fighting against a natural flow of water by way of building dams and installing coatings, sealers and other “water proofing” methods in his basement. I then taught him that he simply needed to control the direction of water flow away from his basement instead of fighting against it. His basement has been dry ever since he stopped fighting AGAINST the flow of water that he had decided was his problem to fight against instead of merely redirecting the flow in another direction.

I once met a fur who is merely living his own life who then decided to have a problem with another fur who is merely living his own life.

Why do some reactive people always decide to have problems instead of the solutions that proactive people have? Will they ever learn?

And just couple personal notes-

Regarding the Raiders: In my opinion; the furry raiders did absolutely nothing wrong by helping run our convention for years nor did they do anything wrong by reserving a section of convention hotel rooms for FURS. Get it? For FURS to attend the convention... Oh no! Some furs reserved a section of rooms for FURS who were to attend a FURRY convention. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! What's up with that?!?

Regarding Foxler: In consideration that Foxler is a mixed breed, Asian mutt who dates a black man; WHO does he allegedly hate?!? 

Kindest regards; Scorch.

(A fur who donated substantial amounts of his time, energy, goods, services and cash to help keep a fury convention operating for many years before furry society decided to become polarized.)

Scorch's Short Biography
  • Jan 24, 2018
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