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Spoiler-Free Film Review: My Little Pony A New Generation

Written by Noble Can


To start with, I see a few things I found wrong with this movie. It's not as bad as I was led to believe from watching a few YouTube videos, Twitter posts and news stories about My Little Pony and how some people expected this movie to be a steaming pile of crap.


There are things in the movie I enjoyed for the most part. The details that went into the environment and background of the movie, I did find a number of Easter eggs throughout the movie, which at times was a nice ice breaker. It was way better then what I had seen with generation four Pinkie Pie, who got an animated short which just grossed me out. Sticking with the details, you could see each pony had more of a unique design and some of the background characters don't look copy-paste.
While I am sure some will find things to nit-pick at, in general the movie was something nice to look at.


The storyline itself wasn’t all that bad, well not as bad as I had been expecting, but a few tweaks here and there would have been nice.
As an adult watching a kid’s movie, I found it to be watchable, as I had enjoyed watching most of generation four as it came out.


Now, I should rip it a new one…
All the damn ponies looked as if they were getting ready to take a dump with how the tails were posed. Yes, I understand that is the ‘style’ for My Little Pony, this was just screaming at me throughout the whole movie.
As I said before, Pinkie Pie had her own little short, which looked like someone who either was learning at home or had been attending a multimedia course and this had been done with premade assets.


I’ve never been a fan of singing in moves and TV shows, I don’t feel like making a comment regarding the singing in this movie.


One thing that really confuses me was how the ponies handled objects. From picking up a paint brush to holding a cup or folding a sheet of paper, it just seemed to be glued to the bottom of the hoof. I mean, really… it only bugged me throughout the film.


The lack of character growth through the story itself was a bit annoying. Throughout the movie, the main cast never seemed nor needed to learn anything new to overcome challenges or obstacles while moving through the story. This is where I wish the writers had spent more time, the whole off screen using a unicorn’s horn to chop down a tree, like a wood pecker might felt like it was good for a lazy laugh. The arse tattoos (ahem, cutie marks), really this was a story of a young pony, why could we not have the cutie marks also play into this? Magic was gone from the world, why not have the main cast earn their butt tattoos as a way of showing character development?


Why not have one pony from each group find some ruins? Say, from about the age/time of generation four, showing how they all used to get along with one another and drawing each of them to finding one another to unlock the lost magic of the world.


Looking to the future, will the assets from the movie be reused for a potential TV show or was this just a one-hit wonder? I would hate for things to go down the path of ‘How to Train your Dragon’. The TV show itself was good, but to start with the animation was really bad and cheap for what they ended up with making.


If you enjoyed the previous generation My Little Pony, you're quite likely to enjoy this movie. Overall, I am going to give this a 7/10.

  • Oct 01, 2021
  • Category: Blog
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