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The Raiders Rambles: Now Accessible on BitChute!

From the desk of Jolt Squirrel

I understand that this has been highly requested by a few of the Raiders, but I am pleased to announce that the Raiders Rambles podcast has found a new home on BitChute! It joins YouTube as a new hub for our video episodes, although if you're after the audio only versions, then Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher will have you covered.


Click on the BitChute logo to go direct to the Raiders' channel!


What is BitChute? In their own words, it is a peer-to-peer content sharing platform. BitChute is still in the process of growing, so some features may not be present on the site as of the time of writing. Regardless, said platform it ideal for hosting things like videos, much like other sites such as YouTube which it competes against. The addition of the podcast to such a platform is vital not just for expanding our reach and accessibility, but more strategically in these trying times.


Recent events have made it abundantly clear that alternative platforms far beyond the likes of YouTube are the go-to. For example, Twitter has blocked any attempts to link to BitChute as well as any piece of content uploaded onto BitChute, under the guise that BitChute could be potentially harmful to you. As well as this, you would also see a content warning if you tried to open a link to BitChute and urged to turn back. You can read about it from Reclaim The Net and Sausage Roll. This tells you a few things in particular:

  1. The fact that underhanded tactics were employed in an attempt to eliminate their competition shows an element of fear and desperation on the part of Youtube (and by extension, Google). This in conjunction with double standards does not make for a good mix.
  2. Contrary to what the arbiters of truth such as Google and Wikipedia claim - which would be that BitChute is a platform for far right extremists and conspiracy theorists, this is absolutely not the case at all. People seek out BitChute because they have not been unfairly driven out of YouTube with their ever-intensifying censorship stance.
  3. No matter how much of an uphill climb BitChute faces, it's important to set up shop there so that if one branch falls down, you still have a platform to hold on to.


I promise you that the Raiders Rambles is here to stay and will continue to expand, regardless of how much certain unsavory characters want to take down our show. As ever, feel free to catch up on the latest with our show and stay tuned for more on the podcast as we will be on the lookout for more platforms to expand our reach.

  • Aug 15, 2020
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