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Salute the Dogs

From the desk of Jolt Squirrel


While the episode of the Raiders Rambles recorded on February 14, 2020, did not go as planned, the podcast hosts do have a smattering of unique news stories that passed by us this week. I will share with you some of our thoughts on this news roundup. Bear in mind this post is a one-off and is in no way intended to replace the Raiders Rambles by any means. But with topics like this, I simply couldn’t resist giving a chance to write a more in-depth coverage. Regrettably, we would’ve had fun talking about it live on air.


Hammering mad PETA


Let’s begin with something bizarre that will have every furry shake their head in disgust. PETA brought out a pair of shoddy-looking dog mascot suits armed with sledgehammers to smash up a Chrysler minivan. Their reasoning? They were protesting Chrysler’s sponsorship of the Iditarod husky sled race. You know, I don’t know what the deal is with PETA going to motor shows to do the protesting since this poor Chrysler was smashed up at the Philadelphia Motor Show. First off, if you want to protest the Iditarod proper, you better have the guts to brave the Alaskan frontier.


For context about why PETA went mad, we will first learn about the Iditarod. Known as the last great race on earth, this grueling run held in Alaska sees man and sled dogs, namely huskies, battle against the harsh Alaskan frontier as they race from Anchorage all the way up north to Nome. It is a tribute to the nature of the land and the important role of sled dogs in Alaska, plus it spans a rich history of over 50 years.


So why did PETA get mad? They claim that the Iditarod has caused 150 sled dog deaths throughout its history and as a result, think it is too cruel for the dogs. Compared to PETA putting down well over 2,000 dogs and cats in 2014 alone, it makes the Iditarod look like saints. Moreover, the Iditarod is well-supported in terms of veterinary care, seeing that the dogs are thoroughly inspected to see whether they are fit to race or not. Many volunteers from many states flying in for the great race and checkpoints along the trail are manned with veterinary teams. Regardless, you simply have to laugh at the dodgy suits that no self-respecting furry would wear and how these protesters (one of them actually being a vegan) could barely slug a car window with those sledgehammers.


Behawolf says: “So, this one was something that I wasn't really sure what was going on at first, but then it slowly came to me that these people are possibly the most hypocritical people in the universe, they are more than willing to buy child labor made wolf and dog costumes than to just show their snowflake anger some other way, and then proving that not eating animal proteins just make you a worthless, strengthless noodle of a person. I mean with a sledge hammer that size a good swing would obliterate any window. Unless its being held by some spineless noodle of a person.

Oh but its for the animals and pets. Yes, the animals and pets that THEY kill more of than other shelters. This group of people is quite possibly either the dumbest, or the most hypocritical in existence, like seriously come on.”


Hare Hoppus says: “PETA is known for being the most blatant hypocrites around, spending large sums of money for pathetic ad campaigns and not doing anything in actions alone. Protesting an iconic race as an homage to the bravery of sled dogs is just scraping at the bottom of the barrel and an insult to good old Balto (bless him). Their borderline eco-terrorism has given people many reasons to never trust animal rights activists which can be a good and a bad thing. What worries me is that these “activists” are making the honest to goodness animal rights supporters a bad image, all they want is to just make animals be treated better but these charlatans just want to destroy the industries that help fuel society. Protip: meat still is king.”


Like Paw Patrol? You’ve Absorbed Pro-Capitalist Propaganda!


Paw Patrol is a highly popular animated cartoon aimed at children, which sees a pack of six dogs that work together as a rescue team. Together with team leader Ryder, a 10-year old boy, they are duty bound to rescue the inhabitants –  both people and animals of Adventure Bay when they get in dangerous situations. Recently, it is bearing the brunt of some highly politicized and overanalyzed déjà vu. If Paw Patrol being branded as fascist by CNN wasn’t jarring enough, wait until you hear about the latest take.


Canadian criminology professor Liam Kennedy wrote a report “damning” Paw Patrol as being pro-capitalism, pro-individualism and anti-government. It’s even gotten so bad that Liam’s two-year-old son isn’t allowed to watch the show, possibly because he fears his son would become a capitalist. More depressing is that the man spent countless hours watching paw Patrol to break it down into a big analysis. If this is the best piece of academic writing that university lecturers can produce, I worry about the future of higher education. Truly, we live in clown world.


Now I’ve watched some episodes of Paw Patrol, and I do not reach the same conclusion that Kennedy does. Produce inequality? It has nothing to do with the universe of Adventure Bay! Causing environmental harm? Do you not realize that Rocky the recycling pup reuses salvaged items to perform repair jobs? And funnily, the author Kennedy becomes so hysterical that he sincerely believes Paw Patrol portrays the government as corrupt or incompetent, that Ryder’s signature line “no job too big, no pup too small” is too individualistic and that not everyone is capable of trying. Give me a break! That line empowers the listener to get up there, tackle the job with your team and face your fears.


Behawolf says: “Wasn't there some article like 2 years ago that said almost the complete opposite? Something like Paw patrol endorses communism? Because if you ACTUALLY look at what it teaches, in the subtle side of things, is that each person has their own use, and each person makes up the team, without one, there is none. Kind of mentality. Like seriously? How is there capitalism?  They take zero payment from what episodes that I watch, and literally just anyone can "yelp for help" and they come rushing to the rescue expecting nothing in return? This is FAR more communist esque than capitalist.”


Hare Hoppus says: “I’m no staunch over the top capitalist but hell who in their right mind a children’s show will be giving out that kind of message? All I can see is some lame excuse for clickbait which I have had been exposed to many years ago. My nephew loves the show not because of this sorry excuse of a “journalist’s” ramblings but of the ideals of helping one another and the people around them. The town loves them for this reason alone and many others.”


That said, I recommend that families watch and enjoy Paw Patrol for what it truly is – a children’s show that inspires conquering your fears, teamwork, community building. If you remove the political lenses, you won’t ever need to tack on such labels for a children’s show.



In truth, I really was hyped up to cover this episode as a newscast of its own. All up, I would have titled this episode “Salute the Dogs” for that very reason – their utility to humans not just as pets, companions and workers is invaluable and heck, some of the greatest feats ever would never have been possible without them. So that’s the roundup for the week that passed. As ever, feel free to listen to the other episodes of the Raiders Rambles on YouTube, Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher for a new perspective in the happenings of this world.

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