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It's amazing how many 'people' use the 'nazi' bandwagon to bully.
I've had countless individuals I knew in person pull a sudden 180 on me when the drama erupted, leaving my side and discarding the financial and transport favors I've conducted for them. I've also seen this happen to many others. Why? In my opinion, it's about popularity. They want to look good because doing good is too difficult for them. They are weak minded, not because they dont approve of us, but because they do not think for themselves. They think what their fans and 'friends' want them to. They do not research what they hate, and often know little to nothing about such. 

They use this as an excuse to validate their disgusting bully behavior, their slander, their hate art. The point we cannot allow it to get to is them using such to validate physical harm. 

This IS a real problem regardless of if you wish to take part or not. You ever notice how many different things can make you a 'nazi' these days? Being a conservative, a trump supporter, a gun owner, free speech advocate, or just not giving a fuck about crybabies are just a few of them. It's because you are not a sheep. You know how to think for yourself.

Something that I'd like to bring to attention is all these big names, like dogpatch, deo, vex, whatever. They're cowards because writing mean things behind a computer screen is all they can do. Their whole fight is online, because never once will they agree to talk with you to resolve their hate issue they have with you. I encourage you to try though, to see for yourself! I joined furry raiders for good because I left once, early on because I have into peer pressure. Did the fandom welcome me back? No, they threw me into the ground even harder. 

Moving forward, we need to keep fighting and making sure we keep eachother and ourselves safe. Take the fight offline. If you are proud to stand up for something, show it to the world offline as well as online. Just do it smart. Have a spotter or bodyguard. Create a plane in case of emergencies. Carry a self defense tool of some sort. Educate yourself about said tool.

Since all the slander begun, I myself carry a variety of tools including a body camera. People lie these days. If a hater starts a physical altercation with you, and they have friends nearby, do you think they're going to be honest about that? Video never lies. If you are able to make a small investment, you can find very nice body cameras on Ebay for about 80. I'm happy to direct you to the one I use. You will not regret this investment.

I want yall to stay safe and I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you so much for standing with us against censorship and bullying. We care about you and we are nothing without you.

-KodyWulf <3
Preserve live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Always. #2A Fur
  • May 17, 2018
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Biomexevolution August 15, 2020

I hate to tell you this but it not bullying it’s the truth how is it that the arm band is 99% identical to the armband worn by the nazis

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