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Spoiler-Free Film Review: Sonic the Hedgehog

Written by Noble Can


So to be clear, this is one of those movies where it's best to toss logic out of the window. A few times throughout the movie, it felt as if the storyline was pulling more towards the plot, then what would make sense in the real world.


I do feel that in the first few opening minutes, it felt rushed and could have been set up in its own movie or a miniseries as a way to introduce Sonic before coming to our world, It would have been nice to see more of his adoptive mother.


Alright, I’m going to hit up Sonic himself as to his presence in the movie. Now we all know the movie was held back, so it could be edited with his real body shape and that is painfully clear, now and then throughout the movie. As for the visual effects, when we look at Sonic’s lighting, that was rather well deployed as with the buildings exploding and things going boom, I can’t say I didn’t like it.


As for the rings in the movie itself, they had an interesting back story to it and I feel it does work.


On that note, he does look WAY better than when the first design was revealed way back in 2018. I mean, damn, that thing was ugly and if the movie went forward with the first design iteration, Sonic would have looked and fit in a lot better in the real world than his cartoony redesign did. But you have to give credit to director Jeff Fowler for listening to the fans and redesigning Sonic, a decision which paid off in the end. Still, this portrayal does look, sound and act like the Sonic you would expect.


Now for the big star. On that note, I do feel a few too many well-known stars popped up now and then with background rolls. But I mean, come on, if you rely on some big names for a selling point… it’s just off putting for me.
Jim Carrey could not have nailed it better. I mean other than having far less weight to his body and by the end of the film, it was cartoonish perfect.


So, I’d give this 4 out of 5 stars or rings, but that's more myself and more the fact the movie had to be delayed to fit the redesign of Sonic and some of the puns. I mean, come on, Sonic has gloves and the movie had a chance to play to that and didn’t! Either way, I recommend you give this movie a chance.

  • Feb 22, 2020
  • Category: Blog
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