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The New Website is Live!
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Today we are opening our new website to the public.

The goal of this website is to create a central community hub which we fully own/are in control of to prevent censorship. We also wish to use this blog section to give our members a voice. Any approved member can write in our Think Tank section. Posts in this section may be promoted to the front page.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible to use this website by offering six different social media login methods besides the normal account. Posts are relayed over to our community discord automatically. We will be working on ways to relay posts to other platforms (such as Telegram) shortly. Additional features and tweaks will be rolled out on the website in the coming months.

Please give us any feedback that you may have by replying to this post (or by sending a direct message to any one of the admins).

Note: you must write an introduction to obtain member status this is needed to post in most forums. This will help us...
Podcast now live on Google Play Store!
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We are pleased to announce that the Raiders Rambles have arrived on the Google Play Store! Take the episodes there and listen with you on the go, wherever you are. Alongside Youtube, Podbean and Itunes, you have no shortage of where to find our episodes. All episodes found there are free as well.

Link here:
It's amazing how many 'people' use the 'nazi' bandwagon to bully.
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I've had countless individuals I knew in person pull a sudden 180 on me when the drama erupted, leaving my side and discarding the financial and transport favors I've conducted for them. I've also seen this happen to many others. Why? In my opinion, it's about popularity. They want to look good because doing good is too difficult for them. They are weak minded, not because they dont approve of us, but because they do not think for themselves. They think what their fans and 'friends' want them to. They do not research what they hate, and often know little to nothing about such.

They use this as an excuse to validate their disgusting bully behavior, their slander, their hate art. The point we cannot allow it to get to is them using such to validate physical harm.

This IS a real problem regardless of if you wish to take part or not. You ever notice how many different things can make you a 'nazi' these days? Being a conservative, a trump supporter, a gun owner, free speech...
Find our Podcast on Podbean and Itunes!
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Hello, Raiders. I'm pleased to announce that our podcast has a new hub on Podbean to work off of! Here, you can catch up on any episodes you missed and download it to listen on the go. In addition to that, there will be significantly less downtime now from when the live show hits and you get to watch it if you miss it. Later down the line, we will have this all connected to our website

Follow the link here:

Also, we have just arrived on Itunes! Go there if you need an episode fix, or want to avoid our website. All episodes are free.
Raiders Rambles Ep 8 - Two Cons Side by Side
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The latest episode of the Furry Raiders podcast has gone live for your watching! With better logistics, hopefully there won't be any great downtime periods before the episodes go public.

This time, two conventions happened on the same weekend - Motor City Fur Con and Furry Weekend Atlanta. With our members having a presence there, we touch base to recount their experience at the convention as well as cover any keynote events, especially at FWA due to the high social media postings of controversial events.

On the news cycle, we look at the Bully Hunters campaign, started off a case of teabagging in an online video game. Aimed at limiting cyber bullying online, the final outcome of the campaign did not deliver on its promises by any measure.

Hosts include myself, Nio, Lando, Gimpy, Aeon and Mizu

As always, leave your comments, feedback, suggestions here

Watch the video here:
Raiders Rambles Ep 6 - Mob Mentality and Anthro WOW
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Episode 6 of the Furry Raiders Podcast is up and ready for public viewing! This time, hosted by Nio, Orion, Lando and Elrock, minus me at the helm.

Topics for the show include:
-The death of RC The Fox and the mob mentality surrounding the buildup to the event, as well as the fandom.
-World of Warcraft is set to introduce a fennec-like species into the Horde lineup, giving their players a furry fix. As if WOW needed more furry appeal...
-The closure of Toys R Us and what that means, as that shop had sentimental value for a fair number of us.

And lots and lots of random rambles, per our show's namesake! Don't forget to leave us your thoughts, suggestions and feedback for this episode and going forward!

You can watch it here:

Website Live Chat test

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We would like to invite our members to test the functionality of our live chat embedded on the website before going forward with the platform! The platform contains a few lobbies and group voice chat, so don't be afraid to hop in!

Do note that a bit of caution is needed while chatting and browsing the website on the very same tab, so a new tab can be used to avert this problem.

For phone users, the blue chat button opens a new instance, so you can browse and chat.

To enter, simply click on the blue chat button on the bottom corner of the website.

Let us know what you think of the CometChat platform - is it a good integration to the website? Or is a dedicated program better fit for our purposes?
Raiders Rambles Ep 5 - Mishaps and Discord
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Despite a sudden Discord ban and a few internet hiccups on my end, the Furry Raiders pushed on and recorded another episode of the podcast!

Topics include:
-The Anthro New England 2018 experience and hotel complaints
-Furries and Social Media
-Other conventions in danger

You can watch it here:

Again, feel free to post feedback, suggestions and all else here on this thread.
Raiders Rambles Episode 4 - Blood Sports
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After a long delay, Episode 4 of the Furry Raiders has been released for your viewing pleasure! Originally aired on Feb 19 2018, this was our first attempt at a live show and despite some rough timing issues, we still pulled it off. The cast features myself, the return of Nio Draggo and Abram Volkov, plus first timers Rebel Lucy and Soma Arikado.

Topics of discussion include:
1 - Texas Furry Fiesta experience and cringe in the con space
2 - Which TV Shows would work as a furry version?
3 - Trouble in the Comic Book community.
4 - Internet Bloodsports and bringing it to furry, maybe?

As always, leave your feedback, suggestions and ideas on this thread. You can watch the episode here:

Raiders Survey

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I need feedback on the Product line of the Raiders and a generalized overview of the management of the Furry Raiders. This survey would only take a few minutes of your time.
Raiders Rambles - No to Political Correctness
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The next installment of the Furry Raiders Podcast is up! Featuring myself and a cast of first-time hosts including Tenacious, Abram Volkov, Behawolf and Flare. You can listen to it here:

As always, feel free to leave feedback, ask questions and discuss the topics we touch on.
Raiders Rambles - Raiders of the Lost Arf (Feat. Rags)
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The latest episode of the Raiders' Podcast is up and ready to be watched!

The True Effect Caused by “Social Justice Warrior” Bullying
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Written by: Scorch from United States - Raiders Chief Furry Development Officer
It has come to my attention there is still a lot of disinformation regarding the true Effect that caused the destruction of the good vessel “RMFC” therefore; I bring to your attention a true fact that many are not aware of. This fact is the result of a specific Cause and the Effects of it which dramatically Effected the course of or derailed the lives of many furs including myself and numerous friends.

This fact (a $44,000 security expense) is the Actual Effect of commercial damages caused by “Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) when one group of furs did wage a war of written words against another group of furs within their own fandom. This $44,000.00 Effect was Caused by the ACTS of one group of people (furs) attempting to bully and control another group of their own people (furs) by way of their Acts of writing or forwarding many statements that created a...

RE: 2 Gryphon's "The Life And Death Of Furry Fandom"

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Written by Perry Prinz

Original Video:

I don't think it's so much a question of is The Furry Fandom dead, as much as was it ever alive? I came to The Furry Community in the early 2000's looking for a fandom for The Anthropomorphic Arts that was similar in nature to the Japanese Pop Culture Fandom, which is what Anime Fandom actually is. It's not just about Japanese animation. It's also about Pocky, understanding the cultural quirks of Japan, Japanese history, Japanese spirituality, and generally anything that has to do with appreciating the Anime experience.

So, when somebody said there was a Furry Fandom, I figured it would first and foremost be about Furry cartoon and literature characters, but it would probably have a lot of peripheral interests, because Furry, like Anime, has a long history of development that goes back thousands of years; there are historical...