Endangered Species Chocolate Bars Vegan & Gluten Free Assorted Variety (6 Pack)

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Let's make a difference that matters most. Exclusive 20% discount for a wildlife loving Furry Community, only at Furry Raiders.

Endangered Species Chocolate is passionate about bringing you the most authentic chocolate out there. Each bar has only a handful of real, responsibly sourced, health conscious ingredients no artificial sweeteners or additives. From rich and creamy to dark and dreamy, we’ve got a taste for every occasion. And by giving back 10% of net profits to conservation organizations, it’s making a true impact for the wildlife habitats we love. The ultimate dark chocolate experience, this bar takes you deep into the heart of bold chocolate taste with real cocoa nibs sprinkled into every bite. Packed with flavor and antioxidants,it’s truly something to savor. US Only With Free Shipping