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You gone blind, please don't mind. find me if you try
Please don't cry, Please don't cry I know I tried .
My Brain is fried, feel like I died.
I know I'm sad. I know I'm sad
You gone blind. please don't mind. Find me if you try. There's no goodbyes, I have extreme highs.
Can't you see me?
Can't you see me?
Can't you see?
This be the way i am. I don't give a damn. You're my biggest fan.
X The Troodon
X The Troodon
Try to talk to me as much as you can.
Try to plan to meet me.
Try to confess love. I had to sadly turn you down because I'm already in love. See the flying doves, flying from above. I had enough, it's been tough . But I like my men buff.
Hello fellow Furries,

My Name is Viglon but you can call me Vig for short.

I live and was born in Germany. I love Mountain Biking a lot and i hang out with my friends pretty often.

My Telegram is @v1gl0n if you want to text me there. Im pm friendly and active almost 24/7

Cya around my dudes
So after being harassed on Ferzu because of my relations with The Furry Raiders
I have 2 options.
Disband from the furry raiders or delete my ferzu account.
I chose to delete my ferzu account
I'm gonna post this here:

Anyone know how to see who's a member on the site, cause i don't know how the site works
Skate 3 Freeskate
Xbox Only
My Gamertag is Z miner546
message me to play!
at times i have a few ideas, but most of the times, i'm too lazy to bring it into context, figured i might act onto one of such
Playing Garry's mod on the Dynamic RP Furry Server, but it went down 2 Times today
Hello Coumunity, I hope to get things going I will post material here along with my other sites (My name is a [terrible] variation of my real name.

I hope to be making material on a regular basis and wish the best of luck
Where was the 1990's Furry fandom attitude when we need it, treat each other with respect no mater what side of politics you are on. I am a right winger and a libertarian, we should not dictate who should an shouldn't be in the furry fandom.
Goodbye raiders, love you all
Nooooooo come back
i LOVE the new GUI, needs a teeny bit amount of adjustments, but hey, i love it!
to post images on the Furry Raiders forum, ya need to get the link to the photo (not the website link) in a e621 upload fashion, no upload file option (yet, i think)
some things on the raiders seem too dead, hold my beer and lemme post some dope ass dank memes here
last night i dreamed a bit of some twitter beef;

Commie Bully: "and that proves me i'm right"

Me: sorry "Sir"

Commie Bully: yeah, thought so

Me: Sir Dickless Limp Dick