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I'm Still Undead And Loving It!
..-. .. -. -.. / -- . Lyrics
You gone blind, please don't mind. find me if you try
Please don't cry, Please don't cry I know I tried .
My Brain is fried, feel like I died.
I know I'm sad. I know I'm sad
You gone blind. please don't mind. Find me if you try. There's no goodbyes, I have extreme highs.
Can't you see me?
Can't you see me?
Can't you see?
This be the way i am. I don't give a damn. You're my biggest fan.
X The Troodon
X The Troodon
Try to talk to me as much as you can.
Try to plan to meet me.
Try to confess love. I had to sadly turn you down because I'm already in love. See the flying doves, flying from above. I had enough, it's been tough . But I like my men buff.
Hello fellow Furries,

My Name is Viglon but you can call me Vig for short.

I live and was born in Germany. I love Mountain Biking a lot and i hang out with my friends pretty often.

My Telegram is @v1gl0n if you want to text me there. Im pm friendly and active almost 24/7

Cya around my dudes
So after being harassed on Ferzu because of my relations with The Furry Raiders
I have 2 options.
Disband from the furry raiders or delete my ferzu account.
I chose to delete my ferzu account