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to post images on the Furry Raiders forum, ya need to get the link to the photo (not the website link) in a e621 upload fashion, no upload file option (yet, i think)
last night i dreamed a bit of some twitter beef;

Commie Bully: "and that proves me i'm right"

Me: sorry "Sir"

Commie Bully: yeah, thought so

Me: Sir Dickless Limp Dick
Hi Scorch,
My name is Henry and I'm a reporter for the A&C section of the Collegian. I'm covering the furry subculture in the Fort Collins area and Foxler informed me that you are a resident. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the Furry Raiders & the culture in general. I can't send the questions now cause of word limit, but if you'd like please message me directly and I can ask you there.