YouTube Creator Kit (And Other Newcomer Assistance)


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Jan 26, 2018
DISCLAIMER: I am not affilated with Roberto Blake in any way, shape or form, and I'm not getting any compensation in any form from this. That is all.

So if any of you have watched any of my recent vlogs on my Niko Linni channel (or been watching me on Twitter) you may have caught me referencing a gent named Roberto Blake. Simply put, this guy's a graphic-designer-turned-entrpreneur who dedcates his youtube channel to really helping out creators of all kinds knock things out of the park.

As a small YouTuber myself, I can understand how it can get daunting trying to come up with thumbnail designs, or channel art, or even just come up with ideas or get music to use in videos. Fortunately Blake's got you covered with the "YouTube Starter Kit" that comes jam packed with video thumbnail templates, channel art templates, music you can use, ideas on how to generate video topics ,and more. I've only just now busted into the thumbnails and I'm already impressed with things - the thumbnails are done in such a way that you can easily move things around or swap out elements or change them up using any program that reads .psds, so you can easily have some neat templates that will hopefully help you get some more eyeballs on your content. The other great thing is if any new content is added to the YTSK you'll get access to it too - so a one time fee is all you'll pay.

Again, I'm not shilling for the guy or getting anything out of this. It's just that I know there's a lot o' furries that do youtube in one way or another, and I thought I could share this product I got that's really helping me out, so far. If you're interested in checking it out, click here. Normally it's $99, but if you use the code FORFIFTY you can get this bad boy for $50. Definitely worth the price - you'd pay more to get all this stuff commissioned from others!

So check it out, lemme know what you think. And if this is in the wrong spot, apologies - I figured it'd go in media since this is a topic centered around YouTube stuff.

To add more to this discussion: on top of talking about the Creator Kit, let's also kick around ideas and suggestions to help out newer YouTubers. Got things that're worrying you? Keeping you down? Frustrating you? Say something and let's get a discussion going! I can't be the only one doing small time YouTube stuff.