The story of Rin Kyoma

Rin Kyoma

Chief Risk Officer
Jan 23, 2018
Ok buckle in boys and girls its going to be a bumpy ride. So to start i guess a brief rundown of how i became a furry. I was the unpopular kid. ya know the one who circled the playground all alone? That was me. On top of being singled out in school, i also had to come home to physical violence ie: older brother that beat the crap out of me like it was a religion and he was the one who was supposed to watch me,... he watched me bleed instead.
Now lets fast forward to highschool. At this time i started developing depression and what i would later find out as chronic anger, "go ahead and google it". So i started smoking weed. it actually made me not super angry all the time, however the school would find my pipe in my backpack "during an illegal search" because two of my three freands thought it would be funny to tell on me, they did it for "shits and giggles" so after 2.5 years of cup pissing, one public defender and a total amount of 3 months in juvi/jail. I was able to take my mood stabilizers again. Also at that time i found out that my mom had been getting 850$ a month from the va for each one of her kids "she had four" And forcing me to sign over each check to her which really pissed me off because i remember dinners of just plain white rice when i was 5 years old because she needed the money for collage so she can provide for us..."eye twitch" but i digress "On a side note the jail time happened during the SATs and i payed for the test the school never gave it to me and refused to refund me. so i never got my SATs and that made it nearly impossible to get in to college "Wich the government should have payed for throu my dads va benifits but the school jerked me around for years untill they said i didnt qualify anymore."
And that brings me to "furry" after 23 long ass painfully soul crushing years i found a group of people that were nice, this furry fandom. Of course my friend Draca kristar is the one who first introduced me to furry and one of the first other furrys i met was Foxler. After a short time foxler made the furry raiders, when i joined we were in the single didgets. Of course i wanted a fursuit so i decided to make one, wich for some reason gave my older brother the right to permanently criple Draca and asult me mulaple times "the police were called" Then came the foxtrot incedent "yes i was there" some dude came up and said shit about foxlers sash calling us nazi and crap and forced us to leave. Now Foxler didnt take that well... At all.. but he at least had people like me that really cared and he eventualy became somewhat popufur. But you probably didnt know that I had to BEG Foxler to get the group diffrent colored armbands, amongst a bunch of other things that take the group littaral months to even consider "we are just now getting modoraters for chats, i proposed that last october" of course there was the zootopia showing were the nazi clames keept rolling in. Eventualy we get to rmfc "the final one" and the way our group was treated by con, and other furs was genuily dishearting. Alot of us were really hurt. This all accepting furry fandom didnt accept us. Like there was something wrong with us. After that it was at least three months before the raider skype started moving again "i personaly thought everyone else in the raiders gave up" now imagine my supprise when i start hearing about deo punching nazi and legal letters "keep in mind my position is Cheif Risk Manager" and i have no idea whats happening....ya...continuing forward i try to explane what the raiders stand for to local furrys "i moved to california at this time" ....the local furrys dont talk to me anymore. So i make a twitter to try and meet new people and show my art, gets bocklisted.... Now also the Furafinity purge and here i am, still trying to show others my point of view. Trying to get others to understand, And my point for this post? i have been here throu thick and thin, and almost no one in the group even knows i exist. I have delt with almost the same crap as Foxler and didnt get ANY support like he did. The furry raiders would not be where we are if not for Rin Kyoma. Im not asking for a parade or a golden statue, just some recognition and maybe a positive message now and then...seriously, bears need good feels too.