The Real Truth of Diversity in Raiders

Written by: Bochi Coyote from Honduras - Raiders Chief Diversity Officer

I honestly love how I got grouped with the whole #AltFurry movement simply because I speak the truth about the third world shithole where I was born and raised. What? Are any of you privileged assholes going to tell me Latin America is actually some sort of holy land? You all live in literally one of the best countries in the whole world and you still find reasons to whine and groan. A fuck ton of people out there would give anything to get the chance of living in such a great country. If you abhor America so much, why don’t we exchange places? You can come down to one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the whole continent while I have the time of my life in America. You’ll get to know how it actually feels to fear for your life everyday. Imagine going to bed every night and worry someone might break into your house and murder your whole family. Imagine having to live in a place with no kinds of opportunities. Where you have to conform with whatever available. You either go to college and study something you dislike or stay homeless for the rest of your life. Isn’t that wonderful? Seriously, let’s exchange places #Leftistfurs You keep complaining about how shitty America is, so you all would probably love to live in Honduras instead. Right? Right? Honduras sucks. Latin America sucks. Everything below America is nothing but a waste of space that shouldn’t exist. And none of you privileged first world people can fucking convince me otherwise. Stop grouping me with the AltFurry Movement. Stop labeling random people as "nazis" and "fascists" Stop complaining while living in one of the best countries in the world. Cops aren’t the problem. Guns aren’t the problem. Trump isn’t the problem. The problem is you assholes just feel the need to turn everything into either a political shit show or a fucking race war.

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Please note these are individual statements and not that of the Furry Raiders as a collective.


The whole thing? Even Chile or Argentina in the city? :p

Preach it
wow nice *claps* people take for granted the things they have
First world problems are laughed at by people who've had worse. Let them cannibalize one another until they stop with this madness.
This shows that people need to stop speaking for groups that they aren't a part of unless they are asked to.
Panama is not bad site!
Just a useless government and a lot of stupid conservatives (the latin american version of altrigh mixed with catholic inquisitors) who are the cancer by here.

Despite this, its still a good place for live, many people from the first world came here to live.

However i know how Bochi feels. This is part of latin America and some parts by there look like shitholes.

I'ver learn something about shitholes, most of this are not the fault of government, corruption or another external effect, are the fault of the same people who live there!!

SJW are the US version of "Rakas" (the people who live in "shittholes) people who do preffer figth than do work, people who want any kind of help by government, people who are stuck in the same way of thoughts!

SJW are turning the US in a new kind of ""shithole", with cleam streets and cleam water but with a toxic enviroment!