The New Website is Live


Today we are opening our new website to the public.

The goal of this website is to create a central community hub which we fully own/are in control of to prevent censorship. We also wish to use this blog section to give our members a voice. Any approved member can write in our Think Tank section. Posts in this section may be promoted to the front page.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible to use this website by offering six different social media login methods besides the normal account. Posts are relayed over to our community discord automatically. We will be working on ways to relay posts to other platforms (such as Telegram) shortly. Additional features and tweaks will be rolled out on the website in the coming months.

Please give us any feedback that you may have by replying to this post (or by sending a direct message to any one of the admins).

Note: you must write an introduction to obtain member status this is needed to post in most forums. This will help us reduce spam (and trolling). If you are already a member in the Discord or Telegram groups, you can DM an admin to skip this step.
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Well the bastards at Twatter suspended my account again. It only goes to show how biased they are when they allow antifa thugs to out right threaten people. And when they allow other demwits to harass and do as they please. Meanwhile anyone on the right are wrongfully hounded with puffed up charges. Whenever that bullshit ends, I'll repost every damned thing again. If they will not allow me to do anything again, I'll just make another account. Fuck them all to hell I say.