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The Furry Raiders: My Q/A and opinion.

As we all have seen, the Furry Fandom has reacted to the existence of the Furry Raiders, due to its "stunning similarities" to neo-nazism.

To clarify, by talking directly to the [co-]founder, corroborating evidence, relying on Criminological Material and the definitions of Nazism, on wards with the issue that the [co-]founder is not White, is in a relationship in which Nazism bans, is a furry himself, and we all know that being a Nazi in a "brotherhood" must meet certain membership criteria.

Generally, the definition of Caucasian is a person of European descent, there is no perfect white man.

Another problem, is that violence can occur due to many issues, i have said that Alternative Media is part of the destruction of our ways of society, it could be confirmable, because we commonly link the Swastika (a religious symbol) to a Nazi, the colour theme is of the Weimar Republic.

Though issuance and the wearing of the "armbands" are not of Hitler standard, dependant on placement of the armband.

Although there is no clarification as to why the Swastika was used.

The organization itself, the Furry Raiders, as its objective, is to create equality and also tackle issues within the fandom, it holds no political view, and its members may hold their own views.
The armband issuance is in different colours, not in just the stigmatized colours.

Also, if the organization was encouraging violence, than there would be some obvious political view and would be a barred organization under American Law, however that bar would be able to be lifted under the Freedom of Speech and Opinion clauses of the United States Constitution.

The violence and threats i find are due to clashes from the fandom becoming two-sided instead of united as a movement.

We commonly see false reporting from We are sexual deviants, sluts in costumes, pedophiles, rapists, abusers, on wards, this causes an issue that society would not want this fandom, but the issue is that if we bring in politics into the fandom, it well be the problem that kills it.

The further clarification on what started the issue with the armband was when one person hugged the cofounder, later complaining that they had contact with a [neo-]nazi, i feel violated, and it continued to become worse.

It would be of issue to the organization, but the problem is that it is not a political faction that actively participates in democracy, therefore no actions under law can be taken.

What the Furry Raiders stand for is what i had already clarified and also to tackle false reporting. The question is if you want a fandom that is not viewed by society as what people view it as, which is of sexual deviancy and crime, than you have to have a collective voice. The armband could act as a Device Provocateur and could cause the media to retract.

The violence caused by members favouring nazism is separate from what the organization supports, and the organization does not support this type of violence and issue.

I would insist that the similarities in protesting is to when i say the middle and upper classes treat the poor and uneducated like shit, just because we can't be like everybody else, we can be our own selves, so if you compare a Marxist to a Nazi the same as a Furry Raider to a Nazi is the understanding that Marxists and Furry Raiders support an agreed concern and the Nazis support our views.
Noting that Nazis, in my last publicized article, are nationalists with a anti-semitic and "pure white" want or requirement, the issue is that the whole furry fandom is at least 50% gay, has a mixed "accepted" demographic and agrees to a set standard that the fandom should not include any form of discrimination and should advance like the rest of society.

If we want that, than we cannot independently use our voice to request media to stop issue shock articles, we must unite behind an organization and combine all of our voices.

At the end of the day, the Furry Raiders, despite the "armband" does not support violence, support equality and true reporting on the furry fandom and also does not hold a political opinion, in which a Nazi Organization would.

If we cannot agree to this, than it is going to be a person or select people having to mediate the issue, i am willing to do this.

Also, i do support their cause, i am a Marxist, but i don't, nor do the others support violence, and i well cite below;

"Furry Raider's mission is to help build a stronger and better community while encouraging personal creativity and expression. The only way we could achieve our mission was through equality and building projects that challenge social obstacles" From

And also to clarify on the logo;

"Why does the group have questionable imagery? Our white and black paw logo was created by the group and any use of the color or pattern is personal choice by each member. Currently, the default color is red created by Furry Raider CEO."

And to clarify on issuance standards (this is choice of the member, not a forced issuance by view);

I do find that there is no issue here, especially since my artwork is called Furry Socialist Party and has similarities to that of the flag of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.

Artwork by the author. Furry Socialist Party, by Alextheligre, Star, Sickle and Hammer is replaced by a Paw, the tails of Canis Lupus (Wolf) (Top), Vulpres Vulpres (Fox) (bottom) and Nyctereutes procyonoides (Racoon Dog) (centre) upon a support arch with a pastel pink and blue background, with a fuchsia or red colourant to the tails and paw with pastel pink as paw pad colours and ultramarine background with a tri-bloque of lime green.

In the end, the definition is in similarity to what is supported, but i have not received a complaint over my flag design but the complaint is over an armband.

In all, if we cannot, as the furry fandom, agree to a set standard, than we well be divided on all issues that I, the Furry Raiders, and the Furry Fandom supports.

If anybody thinks the armband is going to go away, it is not going to go away, it will remain, we all well remain, we can't go on forever with being reported as criminals and sexual deviants and we cannot support a fandom without advancing it.
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Jan 24, 2018
one thing you gotta love about the left is that nazism or general right wing "fascism" is strictly evil by any means, even if something innocent as a costume


when it comes to communism, marxism, socialism, aka left wing fascism, then it is all good for them, as a matter a fact ignoring the fact they had a much bigger kill count by the end of the 20th century (great leap forward, holomodor, etc...), as they also tried to nuke us to a crisp in many cold war conflicts and especially killing their own people too (even more than the nazis did too). and they funny thing is, if you study the dead giveaway that general communism is indeed left wing fascism they try so desperately to hide, they just spew out insults as they screech autistically, then they call their gangs of anarcho communist cartels to beat up trash, wreck private property, assault up people (even if they are unconscious), and at the end of the day they virtue signalling on how they "beat up nazis" among other left wing propaganda that plague social media on a daily basis

seen it all i already lost count of days

plus i don't give a shite if someone is dressed up as a commie, a nazi, a fascist, imperial Japanese fighter or anything, just as long as it's a costume as long as it isn't the costume wearing them


Jan 24, 2018
Sweet lies are always more seductive than a bitter truth. I hate this realization that we would want to live a lie just to justify our views, I may be wrong on some things but at least I try to find out why.
on the bright side, at least with the competition distracted, some things may become even easier

Rin Kyoma

Chief Risk Officer
Jan 23, 2018
To clarify, the armband drama was happening before the showing of zootopia. I know there were issues at a local meet called "foxtrot" i believe, foxler even made a belt sash with the raider paw and it was still "nazi paraphernalia". Im not exactly sure myself where the Nazi drama started exactly, "you would have to ask foxler" i just know it was happening before the zootopia showing and before foxtrot.
To clarify, the armband drama was happening before the showing of zootopia. I know there were issues at a local meet called "foxtrot" i believe, foxler even made a belt sash with the raider paw and it was still "nazi paraphernalia". Im not exactly sure myself where the Nazi drama started exactly, "you would have to ask foxler" i just know it was happening before the zootopia showing and before foxtrot.
Okay, did not know.