The Aveging Angel (Project)

The Naugthy Coyote

Because i am Batman!
Jan 26, 2018

Part of the comic in develop

This is the story about John Bearstone, a detective of minnor injuries section by Deeran city police Department, the lowest range by detective.

However Bearstone is a proud bear, believer in values; become in detective, a prou by his parents and exemplary family dad.

The world changed when his son was kidnaped, the whole department give him support until found the corpse. When the last light of hope were almost dark, Bearstone discovered the lie made by his own partners, about his boy its still alive somewhere.

Not only the Police department, the entire Republic of Selva Verde is doomed by darkness. In this scenario, with the life of his boy in danger, he must goes into this darnkes, breaking his own values and forgeting his broken proud and reborn for save his son's life and become in symbol of hope to the people of a entire nation.
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