STONE, An Australian Noir Game


An upcoming noir video game titled Stone - A Hip Hop Stoner Noir, dives in with the Australian aesthetic, right down to the choice of animals and the accents deployed to the actions. The basic premise is about a koala named Stone, in search of Alex, his partner, following a threatening phone call. The developers are inspired by titles such as the Big Lebowski and have gone for a relaxed, not serious vibe and tone, as shown by the character's attire and filling the chat full of Aussie Slang. You will be running around visiting nightclubs, interrogating the vast cast of other anthropomorphics and taking part in pursuits such as drinking and smoking. The game is set to be released on PC.

Watch the trailer here:

Read about it here , and here:

What do you think about this game? Excited to see some Aussie animals? Do you think the cheerful design works best for furry styled games? More information to come soon.