Some Short Stories and Poems of Mine


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Jan 26, 2018
So I figured I'd do the honors of being the first art and literature post on here! And I do actually have some works up that you can check out on my site. If you don't wanna bother with the backstories and ideas, you can check 'em out here. Read on for a little bit of some extra info.

  • "Chasing Rabbits" was a story I had actually written for a short story class where I had to write "realistic fiction", which means there goes my usual anthro characters. So I cheated by centering this story around a fictional version of the furry fandom. "Chasing Rabbits" sees Niko taking his friend Tamagi to a club event called Waggle that's hosted over at The Lodge in Long Beach. Inspired by the experiences of myself and others at the Tail! event in Long Beach, this story sees Niko trying to get Tamagi to open up and not be so scared and nervous all the time. It's a basic, but fun story about learning to just leg to and have fun.
  • "Haunted Suite: Inferno" is an excerpt from the rewrite of my web serial, Haunted Suite, that I've had in development for quite some time that features a cast of anthro animals. The story centers around the restaurant Richie and Friends, well known for its animatrons that are incredibly life like androids that might as well be organics. This is based off of an earlier concept I had for the story where Ahkin goes to meet his business partner, Agitha, at her Gothic mansion only to get way more than he bargained for.
  • "Haunted Suite: Ghosts" is another excerpt from the Haunted Suite serial that sees Ahkin the rabbit and his security head, Jikan Brando, talking with an animatron that they discovered abandoned on the streets of Lunaria, a blue hare imaginatively named Blue. Jikan gets a surprise visit from another animatron when Ahkin and Blue leave the room, and meanwhile a hyena takes a trip to the intriguing Visionary Church of Lunaria.