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Apparently some furs actually read the stuff I occasionally scribble even though most of my scribbles are merely just about my own interests and furry stuff is only just ONE of my interests.
Which also includes Law studies and especially Contract Law, Nutritional Health and Healing, Sciences including Cosmology, Earth Changes, Earth Geometry, new Energy and Propulsion systems and various other interests or distractions that may show up while walking this path of discovery in this life.

So; stay tuned and check back once in awhile as I intend to continue scribbling my scribbles of whatever is on my mind over time.

And I do have a basic page I started building over on deviant art after I became another victim of the FA ideological *purge.
Scorch's Deviant Art Page

And I also maintain a links page over on my regular contractor's page here-
Scorch's Private Contractor Links

*The recent Furaffinity Purge of MANY users apparently based on a mere concept or ideology or simply coddling the cry babies who DECIDE to have a problem with the existence of a particular thing or person or group that just happens to exist long before the cry baby came along and started whining about the problem he decided to have with the existence of that thing, person, group, user or place.


That is all for now.

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to be honest, I wish the best for the guy who is suing IMVU because of FA's action, i also hope IMVU fires all the admins and mods on FA for allowing their ideology to influence their judgment
FA Ideological Purge and Subsequent Lawsuit

Those of you of an administrative position in the business of operating a furry forum, meet, convention or other furry related business as I do; may want to take notice of this very serious situation regarding the recent ideological* purge.

I just discovered that IMVU, the parent company for Furaffinity, is now being sued for at least 1.5 million for its role in perpetuating the TORT of Defamation and Character assassination against an entire class of furs.

Defamation which, as near as I can tell, initially BEGAN with an economic act of war against RMFC by way of a "petition to boycott RMFC unless it bans an entire group of furs known as furry raiders" including raiders that did help run RMFC for years.

This lawsuit does name some of the major players involved in these crimes against furs and our furry culture including Dragoneer, Deo and Dogpatch.

It appears that not only did FA become a party to the defamation against numerous furs by way of block lists and banning entire groups of furs; this may also involve contractual issues such as a breach of contract harming users who acted in good faith by maintaining their FA pages and placing their PROPERTY (journals, submissions and etcetera) in the care of this IMVU agency now being sued.

But also; potential civil crimes by way of banning furs from a business merely based on concepts or ideology such as their mere personal beliefs, religion, culture or politics which of course; are crimes against the many Constitutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which are supposed to protect us from these types of discrimination.

This case is in it's early stages and the legal maneuvering has only just begun and I am of the opinion this probably needs to go to a higher law jurisdiction in light of the contractual and civil issues on an international level since this IMVU agency does conduct business world wide where international commercial law and UDHR does apply in these cases.

And of course; the FA sponsors may now be sponsoring-supporting harm against numerous furs on a grand scale including grand theft 'pirating' of all the properties of all the users who did not contractually agree to engage in criminal activities when they submitted their properties of their journals and images to FA then were harmed by way of Fraud on Contract that was amended without due process or agreement of all the parties to the contract in Blatant Violation of Contract Law as well as its own Terms Of Service of this IMVU agency.

For those who are interested in these things such as those who administrate forums or events involving our fellow furs; here is an interview with the party who did bring and file this lawsuit against IMVU and its subsidiary FurAffinty:

Len's Den: Roy Calbeck and the IMVU Lawsuit

It is going to be VERY interesting to see how this plays out with regards to these potential crimes such as perpetuating defamation and character assassination by way of things such as block lists, bans, slander and libel that perpetuates the defamation somebody ELSE issued such as a petition, boycott or crusade of Deo Comrades on a forum that could potentially be held liable as a party to these crimes including the potential felony of false reporting of a crime by way of accusing others of a crime where none exists.

This is just business and it is NOT good business to be violating generally accepted business practices including a code of ethics regarding how all people shall be treated Equally and with Respect for all. And to NOT use the violence of intimidation to achieve a political goal such as "Conform to our political standards or be banned" which is a definition of terrorism.

Kindest regards;


*ideological purge of Furaffinity-

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