Raiders Rambles Ep 9 - Two Cons Side by Side

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The latest episode of the Furry Raiders podcast has gone live for your watching! With better logistics, hopefully there won't be any great downtime periods before the episodes go public.

This time, two conventions happened on the same weekend - Motor City Fur Con and Furry Weekend Atlanta. With our members having a presence there, we touch base to recount their experience at the convention as well as cover any keynote events, especially at FWA due to the high social media postings of controversial events.

On the news cycle, we look at the Bully Hunters campaign, started off a case of teabagging in an online video game. Aimed at limiting cyber bullying online, the final outcome of the campaign did not deliver on its promises by any measure.

Hosts include myself, Nio, Lando, Gimpy, Aeon and Mizu

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Watch the video here: