Raiders Rambles Ep 6 - Mob Mentality and Anthro WOW

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Episode 6 of the Furry Raiders Podcast is up and ready for public viewing! This time, hosted by Nio, Orion, Lando and Elrock, minus me at the helm.

Topics for the show include:
-The death of RC The Fox and the mob mentality surrounding the buildup to the event, as well as the fandom.
-World of Warcraft is set to introduce a fennec-like species into the Horde lineup, giving their players a furry fix. As if WOW needed more furry appeal...
-The closure of Toys R Us and what that means, as that shop had sentimental value for a fair number of us.

And lots and lots of random rambles, per our show's namesake! Don't forget to leave us your thoughts, suggestions and feedback for this episode and going forward!

You can watch it here: