Problem with most furries is they are too whiny


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May 20, 2018
I don't mean this group. As far as i know this is pretty chill site, but like i just mean the mainstream ones. Like every little stuff or opinion you have they all get offended or annoyed over something. Like i could make easy small jokes like just putting your shoelaces on offends them because its irrelevant to their cause and then they write posts on how you are supposed to think or why you should not post that. Like i am so sick of the police mentality among some of these groups and lack of open minded thinking or creativity.

Though mostly i am not into sexuality as a whole, that does tend to turn me off the whole thing since i just admire whatever creative mind one makes with being a furry like the costumes they make can be pretty cool. Like i feel like i get abused everytime since if i complain about it they would call me intolerant which is just hypocritical considering what they are doing too.

But just wondering your views about it?. Like i had some reasonable reasons why i got banned from a site once, but learning from mistakes, but i returned and i dont think i deserved it this time. Like it was just petty thought police to me over small things that was totally just petty.

But let me know your views :)


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Jan 23, 2018
on FA i come across a ton of smaller artist who actually make callout journals on bigger artist about the things they draw.... why complain and make a callout journal about someone else in their kinks... a person with a bigger audience than you