Paleo Priest tries to hold a pencil...


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Feb 6, 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
Hello everyone!

My name is Paleo Priest. From early childhood till not so long ago I was drawing and drawing and drawing... And going to various art schools. Sadly, I decided to not pursue animator career and right now I am working as a programmer. But old habits (as well as an old pride) doesn't die so easily. So from time to time I draw on my phone (yes, on phone app with the fingertip), with ink or with photoshop.
Here are some of my latest ”works”. Please criticize and comment. Can I improve my drawings enough to get some coins for a cup of coffee? Or should I stop trying and better focuse on code lines?
try.png ArtBoard Image (10).jpg IMG_20180130_221857.jpg ArtBoard Image (7).jpg Lutute.jpg


Jan 24, 2018
eyy, that's pretty gud!

btw if you wanna go for animation but don't feel all that confident, try making lineart gifs, so ya can build your confidence or whatever ya need

love your art <3

Jolt Squirrel

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Jan 23, 2018
Hello, Paleo Priest! Your artwork is not too shabby at all, considering it's tablet/phone drawn and given finishing touches on Photoshop. So far, I'd say keep drawing when you get the chance to and work on smoothing down the linework some more.

If you're looking for a forward direction, I'd say go with what your heart tells you. For artwork, you can learn a lot on your own with loads of physical/online resources and experimenting. I personally would like to say that art schools aren't a good option to learn from and that you'd be left with a fair bit of debt and an uncertain career prospect, but that is my opinion.

You're welcome to advertise for commissions if you feel you're up to the task, just DM one of the admins or myself and we'll give you full clearance.


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Jan 26, 2018
I see a potential unique artstyle emerging here, and regardless of what I think of it that's always a great thing in my book. That means you'll stand out more easily.

As far as artschool goes - if you can push yourself to learn and improve on your craft without the need for a classroom setting, I'd say opt out. You'd only really need that if like, you wanted to work for a studio or something.

Also, do not get discouraged when posting online. When you're new, the views will be low, the comments will be nonexistent, and forget about the massive sharing. But..if you work at it, learn how to cultivate and build an audience, utilize other platforms like Twitter and Reddit, and master whatever site you post your art too (like say, learning the in-and-out of Fur Affinity) you can slowly grow yourself up, and you'll be able to build up that audience that will patronize you time and again and even donate to keep your projects going.

It's just about learning how to do it, how to market it, how to build it, and again, not getting discouraged. Seldom does it happen that someone hits it off overnight - most of us have to learn how to build 'em up with worn out tools.