Open for commissions.

Domineus Dan

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Jan 31, 2018
I am open for commisssions. I am good at making muscled furry men of various species. I am okay with doing adult artwork and artwork involving senstive themes. I can, and have done in the past, Nazi and Satanic artwork even. Coloring tends to take longer than pencil and ink line artwork because my pc is old an ancient at 9 years old. Pencil and inking can be done in a manner of a few days or so depending on complexity. Adult artwork tends to take a tad longer since I tend to draw in public and the adult parts must be done in my room.

Prices vary depending on the details in the picture. The less details the cheaper the drawing. Typically an ink drawing is $75. To color the ink drawing, it is another $75. Pencil drawings are less than the ink drawings and vary from half to a quarter of $75. Additional characters cost more and depend on the picture in question, ranging from another $25 to $75. In short, a colored picture could range from a typical price of $150 to $300, usually less if the picture is more simple than the usual. Prices on coloring will go down if there is not things like shading, highlights nor a background. The less to color, the cheaper the coloring. A picture with no background and flat colors is the cheapest coloring.

An example of a $75 ink picture:
An example of a $150 colored picture:
An example of a $150 ink picture:
An example of a $50 ink picture:
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