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My Sona's & Characters


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Jan 23, 2018
Guess ill start off by sharing some of my many fluffy characters and Sona's

Mains: i have one main but he has 3 variations of himself, each with his own backstory

First up is: my undead sergal which is the main one most of you see me using, im having a proper ref sheet being built for him now

Next is MQ-7: to be honest, I'm kind of shocked that I have come across a small cult popularity with this sona, I have had a number of people asking if they could turn their character into an MQ unit. a friend of mines is trying to publish a story about them.

Chapter one of the story: we are still editing and changing things around, but give the first chapter a poke and tell me what you think ^^

Last is Mizu Rose, the western sergal who spawned all of this:



Dutchies: Leon & Trinket

Arkadia De'mia Cedusa: One of my fav characters and probably a main:
(Antro ver.)

Ace The Protogen:

Reese The Monster:
my other characters are NSFW :p
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