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Domineus Dan

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Jan 31, 2018
My main character is, of course, Domineus Dan. He is the only son of a lord and lives in a land where the sons of the lords are called lordsons. He is from a race of eaglemen known as Adlerians which can trace their ancestry to 12 avian gods from around the world with the most ancient being Garuda, the creator of birds. His mother is considered a fair and beautiful woman. Where Domineus Dan inherited his great strenth and prowess from his father Dephensor Dan, he inherited his dashing good looks from his mother. Domineus Dan has trained all his life to be a noble knight and has trained in not only the martial skills of fighting but also was heavily educated, for it is believed in his world that a knight must be as strong in mind and body. In the empire where he lives, Domineus Dan is highly favored by the people and is one of the wealthiest members of the aristrocracy, for his family owns a wealthy business that makes weapons, clothing and other necessities for knights. There is much history and lore regarding the land he lives in and is much too deep to list fully at once. To end, I must state that Domineus Dan is a rare type of Adlerian. For there are 12 different types of Adlerians, each with a specialty, look and culture. There is a rare 13th type that tends to occur in the imperial family of Adleria known as the platinum type. They can occur in any of the other branches of Adlerian, but highly rare. Platinum types are noted for having all the strengths of the other types rolled into one, with none of the weaknesses. With Domineus Dan being a platinum type, along with an excellent pedigree, he is expected to be one of the finest warrios in the recent history of his people.

Dephensor Dan is the father of Domineus Dan and is the general of the imperial army. While Domineus Dan is brash and charismatic, Dephensor Dan is highly traditional and no nonsense. Dephensor Dan, like many of his line, is a type of Adlerian known as the golden Adlerian. They resemble golden eagles and are known for a near fanatical traditional way of life, devotion to the emperor, high levels of education and a high sense of justice. Of the many specialties attributed to golden Adlerians are the Eyes of Justice. Depending on skill and family, a golden Adlerian is able to see only truth and can tell immediately if another is lying. Becuase of this, they make the best judges and leaders in Adleria. Golden Adlerians also tend to be humble and dislike popularity and, as such, Dephensor Dan had troubles with himself due to being popular. He did finally leave, deciding to rule his fief from afar and, though not wanting to go at first, his conversion to Catholicism drew the ire of fellow lords and Adlerians in general due to such a decision to be against the official religion of Adleria, the 12 Divine Winds, which honors the 12 ancestral gods of Adleria. Dephensor Dan currently lives in another empire where he serves as a general and, before even becoming a general, had a family.

Another character of mine is named Ecks Leoante. He is from a race of lionmen and is a long time friend of Domineus Dan. Ecks Leoante is a tinkerer of sorts and likes to make new weapons and improve on old ones. He is most skilled at range weapons. Ecks Leoante's father is the Count of the Stables, which is a really old fashioned way of saying his father is the police chief or commisioner of the imperial city.

Jacques el Noble is the second character I came up with. He is the mentor and teacher of Domineus Dan, as well as a drill seargent for other high ranking lordsons. Where many drill seargents think they are god, Jaqcues el Noble happens to be right. He is the great grandson of Anubis and, like Anubis, is a jackal god. He has gone through different name changes through out the many years of life and his current name is a play on a miss statement of a greeting a few centuries ago when he stated to a lord in the Frankish empire that he is a 'jackal noble'. Before becoming a mentor, Jacques el Noble served in the armies of Kemet (aka Egypt), was a mercenary for a while, and was part of a three person group of great warriors. He and the other two legendary warriors happened to be canine types and were collectively known as Hounds of Hell due to their prowess and mercilessness against evil. The other two warriors died of old age, but Jacques el Noble still lives being gifted with long life. Though he is a god, the gods in the world my characters take place in gain less imortality and strength as newer generations are created. Over time, even a new generation could lose immortality and have less strength. In the case of Jacques el Noble, he falls in the generation of mortal gods and should of died ages ago. However, his mother was a goddes of healing and his father is a god of sorcery. His mother passed away for, even though she was immortal, she had the ability to die if sustained with enough injuries. The divine healing arts along with the immense sorcery of the father came together in Jacques el Noble in a way wherein he simply can not age for he heals so much that even aging is healed. He even has rapid aging and can even grow new limbs if lost in a matter too fast to calculate. Jacques el Noble is also skilled in fire magic and can bring souls back to bodies, or keep them from leaving. He trains his recruits so tough that they tend to keep dying all the time and he brings them back with the reason that he will not allow vacation time.

Sanakuma is the main nemisis to Domineus Dan. He is a goat type of species known as a Capricorn. Before becoming evil he was a respected high priest for the titan Kronus in one of the outlying kingdoms of Atlantis. Capricorns are noted for not only a well built and strong body, but the ability to be excellent swimmers. Sanakuma not only was blessed with a seemingly perfect body and visage, but also a high level of magic. Most legendary warriors tend to be skilled in either magic or physical weapons and Sanakuma was a rare type, a legend among legends, in that he was a master of both. One day he witnessed his lord Kronos eat one of his children and lost faith. No one would believe his story and was humiliated and eventually exiled. Having been through all that, he became bitter and sided with evil. He took an oath with a powerful demon to gain immortality and waged war against Atlantis. He declared himself a god and an example of perfection in the universe. He was eventually beaten and sealed away for many eons. Before the sealing he put one last bit of effort and cursed the Atlantians to be proud. The proudness eventually developed into arrogance and led to the destruction of Atlantis. After a number of eons, he was unsealed and took back his underground kingdom. Though he can not be as succesful as before for the new modern world had many more great warriors, technology and magic. His only ability now is to work the loopholes of the new nations and corrupt others to become prideful and arrogant. His beef with Domineus Dan goes back a few generations when his first attempt at warfare after being unsealed was thwarted by one of Domineus Dan's ancestor. Since then, he has had a vendetta against every new generation of the Dan family, often choosing the younger one since, after a while, the members of the Dan family become too much to go against. Sanakuma's current tactic against Domineus Dan is, after using laws of the empire, opened up an opposing corporation across the street from the branch of corportation that Domineus Dan has responsibility for in the family business.
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Jan 31, 2018
I like this, good back story
id like to see what ya can come up with him
also, dem muscles(y)