My characters part 2

Domineus Dan

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Jan 31, 2018
A couple of other characters to mention are Egon Egin and Billy Jean. Both are Capricorns like Sanakuma and, unbeknowest to them and Sanakuma, are direct descendants of Sanakuma. Egon Egin is one of Domineus Dan's major rivals at the imperial college where they are being trained for knighthood. Egon Egin, like Domineus Dan, is powerful and excessively dashing. Both are near exact in power and skills and Egon Egin is actaully better than Domineus Dan in every category. In the end, Domineus Dan somehow makes it first. Though they are rivals, they respect each other highly. Billy Jean is a distant third cousing to Egon Egin. Billy Jean has the same rank as Egon Egin and Domineus Dan and is noted for having a highly demented personality. She is tough and dislikes the stupidity of the popularity system typical in society of the imperial city. She is like cross between general Patton and a ganster from the hood. Her skills as a warrior were first noted while still a civilain walking home. A villain attempted to attack her when a knight came up. Before the knight could do anything the villain stated to leave him be for he wishes to take the fat wench. Disliking the idea of being called fat she went to the hero and shoved her purse into him while he was in the middle of a heroic monolague. She then said 'Hold my shit' and proceeded to walk up to the villain and proceeded to beat the living shit out of him with her bare hands. The villain suffered five broken ribs, a crushed femur (where he was kicked in the sweet spot with a good swift kick), 17 fractures in the skull (after being curb stomped) and many other injuries. While a civilian, Billy Jean partly trained with her great grandmother in boxing. Her great grandmother was, in her time, a pugulist champion from 1907 to 1913 named Gentle Madam. Back then she was neither a madam nor gentle and was the first female boxer to fight male fighters, putting many to shame. That toughness was taught to Billy Jean. (the only drawing of Billy Jean is really old)

Nicholas Adleria is the last character to list, but by far not the least. He is the emperor of Adleria. Unlike most Adlerians that live a max of 150 years, members of the royal family can live three times that age. Case in point, Nicholas Adleria is the 273rd divine emperor of the Kingdom of Alderia and has been on the throne since 1762. He has many children though most in the kingdom know of the crown prince. In Adlerian society, the emperor is considered sacred and holy, the purest line of Adlerians descended from 12 gods. Due to the divinity and sacredness of the royal family, the crown prince is rarely shown and often wears an outfit that covers the entire body and is often carried around. The only time a crown prince is shown is when he is presented shortly before ascending the throne. Often a portrait is made for all to see and a grand set of ceremonies are presented to compliment the ascension to the throne. Before that, usually only the royal family and a select few are allowed to see the crown prince without the outfit. Secretly, the current crown prince and son of Nicholas Adleria is being trained by Domineus Dan. The imperial college where this is taking place at has many from around the world that tend to take different identities to protect themselves and to not be bothered. Though it has become fashionable to figure out who is who and a few try not to hide their real selves. The Adlerian crown prince is paramount to be kept secret however. (Nicholas Adleria in his youth) (later)