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Luna here.

Luna Sidhe

New member
Jan 26, 2018
Hey everyone so first I'm gonna link my social media accounts then explain a few things about my self: Facebook - Minds -;onboarding=1 Gab - . I don't have a Twitter. Tumblr , Reddit or FurAffinity account since I deleted them.

You'll also notice different names on my account specifically just Tora and Luna that's either because I can't change them as of yet or ever but I'm going to stick with the name Luna and will update my accounts with that name if/when I can. To elaborate on my name first off Luna is because I'm a bit of a night person both in regards to my self and fursona. Sidhe is the Irish pronunciation of the Scottish creature Cat'Sith which was either a faire or a Witch that could transform into a large black cat with a white spot on it's chest 9 times in their life.

Which brings me to my fursona I'm a female Anthro-cat that's a Irreligious Lucifarian Witch but real me is just a Pagan Occultist. I want to be absolutely clear on this I am not a Lucifarian/Satanist nor do I follow any Neo-pagan group but Luna on the other hand does. This is also going to be the only bit of 'real' info you'll probably hear about me since I'm a very private person but a distinction has to be made in this regard.

I will add one more real thing about me as well as a bit of random trivia but my avatar right now is just some random neko I found on 8chan's /a/ board because I haven't commissioned any art for my furry not because I haven't found an artist but because I'm in a tight spot money wise which is something I'm working on by being a writer. Which by the way for any one else hoping to become a writer for a fantasy novel I would strongly recommend you read up on old mythology/religions I'm writing at the moment and the biggest help to me when writing out this story has been a book I have on Celtic Religion.

Anyway to wrap things off I love Heavy Metal with my favourite band being W.A.S.P and both Luna and I are Libertarians but she's one as a Anarchist while I am a Minarchist.