Kaze and the Wild Masks - Upcoming Game

Jolt Squirrel

Chief Learning Officer
Jan 23, 2018
Another new indie game with furry appeal is set to release much later down the track, this time from Brazilian developers Vox Game Studio. This game is styled as a retro platformer/side scroller. So where does the furry appeal come from? An anthropomorphic cast, a rabbit protagonist who dons masks to gain new abilities and changes into the form of a bird or a shark, even!

See the article here:

See the trailer here:

More may be posted in the coming days. For more information and updates about the game, see the website here: https://www.playkaze.com

So what do you make of this game? Is the retro side scroller market overly saturated already, or just interested in the furry appeal? Share your thoughts here.