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Jamie here!!

Jamie Etecia

Resident Femboy Fox
Jan 25, 2018
Hey all! My name is Jamie Etecia, I'm still relatively new to the Raiders and still working a little at getting rid of my shyness towards everyone, but I'm warming up fast which is really nice.
If anyone is interested in talking to me then I'm usually active on Telegram and Discord.

I'm a small furry youtuber with big dreams... but very little content... I'm desperate at this point... but hey... I'm doing my best.
I'm also a musician... I spend a lot of time behind my piano and writing songs for fun. I find playing my piano to be relaxing and calming.
Okay last thing here... I LOOOOOVE making friends and cuddles and snuggles and huggles.... okay sorry I'm being weird... hehehe...

ANYWAYS! Message me if you want... I'll give you details about where you can reach me.
In the meantime! This is Jamie Etecia, your resident femboy fox, checking out! .....*blep*