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Is their a telegram or discord for the Furry Raiders?


New member
May 19, 2018
Wondering if their are any others other main active chats in the Furry Raiders. I'm rather new to this group so I don't totally know my way around. I'd also like to ask if there is a set of rules to follow, as I'm not sure where to find it.


New member
Jan 28, 2018
United Kingdom
There is a telegram if you search on telegram for furry raiders the info on how to join the real one is pinned. I believe you just have to talk to an admin to get a link. I have not done this yet. Or it might be that its unlocked some how I don't fully know. The website has a chat feature or did have but I don't use this. There used to be a discord server but that got banned, due to furries on the discord team being bias etc.

Also furry raiders used to be a second life group so that group in sl still exists. Also welcome to furry raiders.