I guess I'm here now.

Furred Lemon

New member
Jul 9, 2018
Chicopee, MA
I'm not great at introductions. I am very center-left and therefore not leftist enough for a large amount of furries. I've been called all sorts of things including "Nazi" over disagreements or asking for peace. In some of this I've had to research the Raiders and I've found things are often blown out of proportion. I miss the community that was fully ready to accept any and all. It's become very violent and hateful lately even my closest friends have shown a lack of acceptance of me. I just want to see what the Raiders are about and see if this place is as welcoming as I remember the entire fandom being.

Blade Maverick

May 3, 2018
We are a very accepting and diverse group. The raiders as a whole are a very peaceful group, like every group a few bad seeds get in, but don't take my word on it. You can join the telegram chat. Talk with some of the raiders, have discussions, draw your own conclusion. You can leave the raiders if you want, we don't demand nor require you to stay. We do hope to make your experiance with us a wonderful one. Welcome to the Furry Raiders.