Blade Maverick

May 3, 2018
Hello, I'm new to the Furry Raiders. I'll post a few things of why I joined, who I am, and such. Also I'm gonna be a super try hard and actually try to make this introduction appealing.

Starting with basic introductions. My fursona's name is Blade Maverick. He is 7'2 tall and a Longfin Mako Shark. His backside is colored in a charcoal color, and his belly is in a clean white color, the charcoal spots decorate around the line between the white and black shades.

I am a gamer, I play a lot of games and such. I have a youtube channel that focuses on a mixture of games, I also twitch stream games that can't be recorded as normal play-through on my youtube channel.
I also tried to write stories and such on my FA but stopped, mostly cause I both started losing interest, and I got art block.

I heard about the Furry Raiders twice, first unintentionally by kothorix who was talking about the fandom was being divided. I scratched my head at the time & thought it was no big deal, when he was talking about the groups divided I saw two logos of the group's one that was with a "anubis" like head with a lightning bolt behind it (I assume it was the Furry Raiders at the time) and the pawprint with three arrows slashed thru the paw, which terrified me cause the paw to me was the identity of the furry community and I thought the group with the strikes thru the paws were the fascists and anti-furry, that logo terrified me.

When I checked back about a year later, I heard massive shit storm on Foxler. Well I knew nothing about the groups, so I read a recent article by DogPress & took him at face value with his article, thanking him for showing "evidence" (if you could somewhat call it that now) about the Furry Raiders. So I temporarily sided with him, but I was curious, I wanted to know more about the Furry Raiders before I passed judgement. I went watched some youtube videos on the drama. I watched kothorix, I watched 2 Gryphon, and....somewhat regrettably I watched Reinfoxy, she was a bit more biased, but still provided some insight. The more I watched the more I questioned DogPress.

After doing an acceptable amount of research, I decided to say "Fuck it, I'm sticking my head into the fire & if I get burned I will have learned my lesson." I didn't get burned, actually what I thought was a firepit was actually a window to a home & I don't regret looking into that home.

Since I have joined the Furry Raiders for a few days, all the claims that I blindly believed are false, in fact the people are wonderful. You all talk, you chat, you laugh, you discuss. It's a wonderful breath of fresh air. Far from "fascist" that I've been hearing.

I plan to stick around (hopefully permanently) and help the Furry Raiders in future cons, events, or if none of that can be achieved, just hang out and have fun with you all, playing games, having civil discussions, both political, and gaming wise. I also hope to bring a lot to the table for the Furry Raiders.