Hi! I'm Tofu


New member
Jun 5, 2018
Hello! Well, as it states in title, I go by Tofu.
I'm a gay (in a loving relationship c:) male and a Buddhist. I'm pretty centrist in political views and I love to hear every side of a discussion. My fursona (that I'll be using for here for a bit) is an Akita, by the name of Tofu (wow who wouldve guessed that one). I'm an artist and fursuit maker as well
I'll be completely honest here and say, this is not the url I go by on other social medias. I've had interest in this group for a while, and I know that truthfully you all aren't bad people. Yet, the fandom has given this group such a harsh name, so I'm a bit scared to make my regular username public due to ignorant backlash by SJWs. Hope yall understand, once I'm more comfortable I'll likely come out of my shell.
I'm mostly here to meet new furs that I likely wouldnt have, and make new friends! I hope you will accept me, and I hope we can get to know each other more as time goes on :)