Great Troubles - 18+ Furry VN


Prince of the Forest
Jan 30, 2018
South Africa
So I really loved this game so I'm inclined to shill for it wherever I have the opportunity, haha.

Great Troubles by HAZUKASHII TEAM is a really cute Russian visual novel about furry characters. It's 18+ but the scenes are fairly short which I prefer to be honest. The game itself is quite short too. The artwork for the game is really good and I found the story to be cute too. It's also more realistic than most visual novels where the relationships seem really weird and unrealistic. For example, there's a rape scene bad ending where the character is actually traumatised unlike most games where it's just a minor inconvenience.

It's available in English on their site at:

They've got a new game they've recently released but I think it hasn't been translated yet unfortunately.