Furry Raiders; Follow-up

As to my article in April 2017, I had written to the extent that I could not reach to a determination of any verdict whatsoever in what was accused against members of the Furry Raiders and its founder.

I end up constantly coming to the same conclusion, that there is no evidence supporting any of the allegations.

Now, it is also [2 Gryphon, and] others that are affected by this chain of SJW warmongering, which is extremely ridiculous and distressing to a fandom that is caring, compassionate, empathetic, inclusive, and tolerant. Accusations of Serial Spamming against me, sympathizing with paedophiles and amongst other allegations to try to make your arguments against them dismissed or become dismissive.

A lolcow website, Kiwifarms, apparently held information, however such is irrelevant to the allegations against the founder.

On November 27th, 2017, I had received a response from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FOIA Request number 1389842-000 in regards to the founder of the Furry Raiders and any other person related to such, due to a tweet in the same month, which said that they "cannot confirm or deny the existence of" any information. This is done for the reasons that they don't have anything, or that it is not in the interest of the public or in the interest of the agency to release such information, or they fear that such information release could destabilize the investigation.

Due to several contacts by one of the more notorious furs in this fight contacting (purportedly) the Federal Bureau of Investigation several times alleging sexual and physical offences and Conspire to Commit (utter threat intent of), the Federal Bureau of Investigation made a visit and asked questions, than left without charge or indictment.

I had also checked the Electronic Court Management Query System of the District Court for the United States, there is no actions in any circuit in the founders name, nor is Furry Raiders designated as a Hate Group by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Courts, nor the American Civil Liberties Union or Southern Poverty Law Centre.

I further reach the same conclusion as evidence on the internet is circumstantial and concluding that the National Security Agency can trace postings to websites that log Internet Protocol addresses, and also with FISA court, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, what I am writing and have written, what I have posted, what I have said, that the founder of the Furry Raiders, that any Furry Raider, is not guilty of any criminal offences, and with such being said, if it ever went to court, I would testify for the defendant and submit the articles I have written, the videos I have done over this, and testify to the total of 6-8 months of research and watching this unfold. There is no facts or evidence to these allegations and I dismiss the evidence because it is taken out of context.
Further, to this, as I believe in one hell of a fight with an iron fist, I have decided to join the Furry Raiders, because I support unity, not separation, and more people (furs) need to back this, we need a foundation [rally] of furs to say to the ones that wish to divide us to smarten up. We need to show them that we are strong, that we care, and that we are not deviants of society.

At the end of the day, my opinion will not change, and I will carry such for the rest of my life.

I don't normally end articles with hashtags, but;



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Jan 25, 2018
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