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Foxler Uncensored - They Killed The Wrong Fox


Chief Executive Officer
Jan 23, 2018
Fort Collins, CO, USA
Im not gonna go after any one but if a pedo offs them self im not gonna shed a tear for em.
I'm totally fine with way you want to handle it and how you might feel about someone. For me personally RC Fox made his choice and didn't want anything to do with me or the Raider. I'm just grateful that the Raiders don't participate mob mentality.


Chief Furry Development Officer
Jan 24, 2018
Nation of Colorado
The question is: Did mob mentality and SJW bullying (and hacking?) cause enough distress for this man that he saw no way to escape and the ultimate effect was that he killed his body because others were brutalizing him with "Social Justice" bullying based on a mere allegation not yet tried in law?

Are the rumors true that he was being framed and this was discovered after the fact?
Or, for that matter; can anybody actually prove there is only one party with access to a computer?

It is a crime to bully another and possibly a capital crime if the bullying results in death.

Regarding what MIGHT be on any computer in our possession that we clearly are not in full of control of due to numerous agencies with direct access for 'security', 'updates' and various other reasons-

In light that numerous agencies have access to all computers on the net involving multiple licenses, contract agreements and thousands of applications and employees; I see no evidence or record that any "owner" in possession of any connected computer is the only liable party with access to and control of the computer and its contents and I believe no such evidence or record exists.

Also see: "Chain of Custody" (evidence) and documentary film "Snowden".

Documentary - "Snowden"

Kindest regards;