Ender here


New member
Jan 27, 2018
My name is Ender. I'm mostly here out of curiosity and I've been looking for a place that's a little more unique than your average furry group. And maybe not always arguing about trivial things all the time. So, hopefully I can find that here.

Anyways I've been involved in the fandom for about three years and been aware of the Raiders for about the same time, but just now I decided to try out joining, because my first impression was what everyone spreads about the Raiders... I've learned the best way to know the truth is experience it yourself and not let others tell you what to think.

Some of my hobbies are art, writing and other creative things.

My Twitter is @Blkmn66. There is nothing on it now because I created it specially for joining. I'll try to post some things so it isn't so empty. Thank you and I hope to meet some good people here.