Doggo Artist, Open for Commissions


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Feb 12, 2018
Yup, I am the dog that does art (copyright?) So you should've expected this! I try to be as flexible as possible, and promote 110% communication between artist and commissioner while providing frequent updates to insure quality to YOUR standards.

Only one thing I must say, I am currently a full time college student with a job as well. I will always try to make a commission priority, but education comes first. I hope you understand!

And now, prices are listed below.

Full Body: $12 Outline - $18 Basic Color - $24 Full color

Mid-waist and Up: $6 Outline - $8 Basic Color - $10 Full Color

Headshot/Profile Icon: $5 Full Color

NSFW: +$12 (up to discussion based on type)

Additional characters: Up for debate based on type and complexities.

Backgrounds: Plain/Marbled - Free, Simple - +$5, Complex/Heavy Detail - +$10

Please contact me via Direct Message for requests, comments, questions, or concerns. Have a wonderful day!
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