Cannot confirm or deny the existence of...

I write this today, knowing my risk of removal and permanent ban from this web page.

Yes, I am a Furry Raider, yes, my centrist ideas align with the Alt-Furry.

These people and organizations are not [neo]-nazi and are people from all walks of life, tired of the leftist and extreme-left bullshit.

I cannot fathom a society of Anti-fascists and Extreme-leftist and the neo-democratics and the alt-left being the forerunners of society when they incite the violence and commit the violence that is scapegoated through blaming the "nazis" and blaming the "right-wing" people.

This is not how we in society, and we, as a fandom, can and should deal with issues of oppression and racism.

Yes, people make mistakes, but the Twitter Jury is in, you're a pedophile, you're a rapist, you're a nazi.

I have been called a serial spammer, and a sympathizer of pedophiles and sex offenders alike because I argued probability, because I argued with law, because I argued with fact and an opinion that offended people.

I cannot foreseeably argue something when the Social Justice Assholes and the Antifa have their own personal opinions made up.

However, SJW's and Anti-fascists are supposed to be that, and unified by that one collective cause. They are not anymore and we fall for their traps.

The fandom fell for the same, Wolves in Sheeps' clothing.

Now it's time to have an understanding that this separatism is hurting people and businesses.

To what extent can we stop people from saying these horrible things and destroying the lives of people. We can't really, we have to deal with it the best we can.

I have read so many things and researched many things. One thing that got petty was the allegations against someone.

The Twitter Courts' evidence was a in memoir video of a dog that died. This does not classify as bestiality.

Now, I have made arguments on the other evidence, so called forum profiles and other things. These do not exist, except on "kiwifarms", which is a bullshit website kept by people who collect information on "lolcows" and post it for peoples harassing and derogatory enjoyment.

Now, do I have reason to believe anything from the idiots that allege you're a nazi, you're a nazi, because you aren't.

I will set this clear, a Raider is not a Nazi, we can't be, we aren't pure white, we are gay, pansexual, bisexual, or trans, we identify as things nazis hate. An alt-furry is not a nazi. We, as raiders and alt-furries are losing our freedom of speech and expression only because we are not of the purist liberal, alt-left, extreme-left, SJW, or Neo-democratic idiot group.

We need to learn from the ones who were drove away by the waive of assholes taking over the fandom with their want for safe space and start focusing on re-unifying, or whatever we can do to re-unify.


Jolt Squirrel

Chief Learning Officer
Jan 23, 2018
Huh? I'm not going to pull you from our website for writing this piece. Was there some context I am missing or did you write that for another site and just copy-paste it?

I agree with your opinion piece and the current situation in which we have all landed ourselves into. This stuff extends beyond our community and others too are afflicted with the same taint. The people which we are facing have essentially abandoned all semblance of truth and facts in their pursuit of keeping the fandom ideologically pure and free of dissenters.

Thank you for writing this.
The reason why i had posted this, which was also posted on FA, is because there seems to be a shitload of misinterpretations regarding these two groups and that there does seem to be an active issue. The extremist ideas do not belong in the fandom in its entirety. What i ask[ed] out of all of this is for people to stop, learn, and reunify so the larger the base is for removing these extremists that don't belong, the better the fandom will become, based of its traditional principles.

Also, the lolcows of the internet are the extremists that claim we are. is just a reading point to why we need this one group gone.