Boycott Youtube, join Bitchute


New member
May 20, 2018
Sad thing is you cant boycott google search engine yet, because i dont think there is any independent engine that doesnt use Google sources etc or references... But by joining this site you can do damage to their overall video sharing site monopoly. It essentially is alternative to all the policing of free sharing content that youtube/google is trying to do.

Either case this is pretty good, i found some MLP and Sonic video so i think this site may be growing but spread the word. I plan on making an account later but this is a breath of fresh air from the propaganda site called youtube atleast, atleast this site was made so that no censorship is allowed to happen which is great news!

I hope Trump promotes this site or others or more back this site up so that we wont have some guys deciding what can or cannot be said for political reasons

Jolt Squirrel

Chief Learning Officer
Jan 23, 2018
You can't really boycott Youtube, sadly. It will, however, be a matter of time as to when Big Tech companies will overplay their hands on their abuse of power

We will look into Bitchute as an avenue for distribution of our videos and podcast. For the time being, I am content to let it mature and install the upgrades it needs.