An introduction.


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Jan 25, 2018
Hello people.

I never know what to put in these things, i'm just some English dude that's been infected with furfaggotry for about 4-5 years now. Found out about the Raiders and Alt Furry through interactions with DeoTazDevil in a Telegram group run by one of her housemates. Quickly came to the conclusion that her opinions on these groups were...shall we say amusing, so i decided to explore these havens of White Supremacist Nazifurs and see what the fuss was about. Contacted Foxler and have been lurking in the Telegram and Discord groups ever since.

I was initially curious to see what truth there was to the claims that have been levied against the Raiders but quickly found myself not giving the slightest fuck. Some people here aren't politically correct, oh the horror. You must all be punched for great social justice.

Despite the headache inducing reason for me being here i'm generally chill and try not to take things too seriously, fandom's supposed to be fun after all.