I know that social media is not normally the best outlet of information but can be a provocative public forum.

My first question is on Pedophilia, I have been hearing that cry now and it comes from the right and the Nazis and everything bad. I thought Pedophilia was a form of psychiatric disorder in which a person has a sexual attraction or fetish with prepubescent children, and that they knowingly commit such an act without an attempt to verify their age or without some form of legal consent from the person or persons parents (which exists under state laws from time to time). The law surrounding Pedophilia does not apply to "pubescent" children between 12-18.

What is the rate of pedophilia, in or related to this fandom that people are griping about.

Secondly, do people know what a Nazi is and what National(ist) Socialism is and how Hitler used it. Do people see that anyone who offends another is evil or a Nazi. We throw the term and word, Nazi, like I normally use fuck.

So, is Nazi ideas or ideologies an apparent part of the fandom. I mean, everyone has their own opinions and I see that the fandom is being whitewashed by puritans basically.

Thirdly, is the Idea that the Furry Raiders is a form of Revolutionary, Dictatorial Vanguard. This shit came from a Facebook post in which someone claimed again that this fandom has Nazis and we must stop them and kick them out. You know, what this fandom is supposed to be against, Intolerance and Division.

I am a Marxist-Leninist (Communist), so, I know what a Vanguard can do, like in the Bolshevik Movement. Or people who throw over governments to establish socialism, abolish class system and ignorance of race, establish voluntary collectivism and mandatory taxation of the private sector, absorb all public institutions into government, protect workers rights and establish communism. As with all political spectrums, you can have a Dictatorial leader in any party.

So, from what I read, does it exist that this collective of people fed up of the whitewashing and censorship agree that we are trying to take over the fandom with similar methods that the Nazis in Germany did with whatever they conquered.

Because to me, it is tiring to see this shit all the time when it does not exist or not in large, disturbing numbers, but, also, when the only evidence is memes and shitposts from twitter, flayrah, Dogpatch press and Rolling Stones.

I think it's that most ignore fact now.