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Feb 6, 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
Hi, everyone!

So... about me...

23 y.o. female from Lithuania (it is in EU!). I work full time as a programmer and use C# (.net core, .net framework and just simply fullstacking all the time). I also participate in as many game jams as possible, though my dream of becomming a great gamedever is slowly dissappearing. I went to art school and other art learning classes for about 9 years, so I love to draw, but my coding work is eating up my memory of how to draw...

I live quite hectic life and usually do not have much free time, but little by little I am trying to regenerate my drawing skills.

My main fursona is Paleo Priest. Yi Qi species (google, they are real and awesome newly discovered inosaur species!).

That's it, I guess... 💕